Omori: Hangman Keys Location Guide

In Omori, the Hangman Keys form an essential part of the main game's plot and puzzle, as well as being a collectible that can unlock a secret area in the Headspace map once collected. The keys are only found in Headspace, the setting for the dreamworld sequences of the game, and those crucial to the plot will be made obvious. However, the ones that make up failed guesses in the game played on Omori's computer are often hidden away.

Some keys are only available via the Hikikomori route of the game, an alternate route of the plot that focuses on the dreamworld, and which is taken if you refuse to open the door to Kel when given the choice. Collecting every key requires a commitment to this route and to exploring every region of Headspace.

Hangman Key Locations

  • South of the main party's home, the Stump.
  • Appears the second time Omori enters Headspace.
  • On the misty bridge connecting the Pinwheel and Train Station regions of the Vast Forest.
  • Up the ladder in the top right of the Pinwheel region of the Vast Forest.
  • Accessible once Omori loses his fear of heights.
  • On top of the dumpsters to the left in a top-right section of the Otherworld Junkyard.
  • Beyond the junk-filled tunnels once the friends have all discovered their skills.
  • Under Space Boyfriend's pillow after defeating him.
  • At the end of a hallway, after Omori follows the Stranger into a barn in Cattail Field.
  • (Hikikomori Route – One Day Left) In a secret chamber under the igloo on Otherworld's frozen lake.
  • Go to Space Boyfriend's house and find his father looking for him.
  • Obtain batteries and take these to the fish in the igloo by Otherworld's frozen lake.
  • Go down into the secret chamber to be teleported to an identical chamber with the key.
  • Hidden in the Lost Forest section of Pyrefly Forest.
  • In the section containing a Rare Bear follow the path through trees to the right, instead of ahead.
  • Distract and outrun the bunnies in the area and follow the Stranger into the Lost Forest
  • Follow the paths with bunnies to eventually lead to a key from Daddy Longlegs.
  • In the lower levels of the Sweetheart Castle dungeons, go to the ladder on the furthest right.
  • Emerge into a cell next to a cell holding the key.
  • Press the heart to deactivate spikes blocking the next cell and access it via the gate.
  • In the post-dungeon area of Sweetheart Castle, go right on the top floor to reach a kitchen.
  • Use the top door and follow the red carpet to a breakable cage containing the key.
  • In the post-dungeon area of Sweetheart Castle, head left on the bottom floor to an art gallery.
  • At the top right of the gallery is the key on a pedestal.
  • After defeating Sweetheart, enter the hole in the stage.
  • In the Lost Library, go to the bottom of the stairs and find the key to the right.
  • At the bottom of the well when heading to the Last Resort casino with Kel.
  • On the first floor of the Last Resort by the central blackjack tables.
  • At the bottom left of the Ghost Party, found via the haunted pool to the right of the Last Resort.
  • In the men's bathroom on the first floor of the Last Resort.
  • In the elevator on the fifth floor of the Last Resort after Berly is dispatched.
  • At the top of a ladder on an island by the misty bridge in the Vast Forest.
  • Available via a construction area found in the first room on the fourth floor of the Last Resort.
  • Once Aubrey has rejoined your team you can head to the top and emerge on the island.
  • In a clamshell past the third paid tollbooth heading west on Underwater Highway.
  • On the dock with you after defeating Humphrey alongside the W key.
  • Inside Humphrey, in the region to the right, found during the rapids puzzle.
  • Take two turns to the left to push down the key from the waterfall.
  • Inside Humphrey, in the region to the left, found within the green teleport puzzle.
  • Near the end of the conveyor belts, towards the top, is a cage to smash with the key inside.
  • On the dock with you after defeating Humphrey alongside the T key.
  • On the third floor of the Dino Dig in Orange Oasis, in the bottom right mound.
  • (Hikikomori Route – One Day Left) In the region that the Otherworld ice lake igloo teleports you to.
  • After exiting you will be in a snowy plain that leads to Snowglobe Mountain.
  • Head to the top right of this plain to find the key by two trees.
  • (Hikikomori Route – One Day Left) At the end of the Underwater Highway is a dark abyss.
  • On the last day, there is a Hitchhiker there who will offer to show you something in the abyss.
  • Follow them to a corridor and find Z at the end.

If you collect every key on the Hikikomori route, The Abyss will extend into a new, mysterious area.

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