Onision Banned From Twitch After Abuse Allegations

Popular YouTuber Onision has just been banned from Twitch, in what likely stems from repeated allegations of abuse and misconduct.

You’ve likely seen Onision’s videos on YouTube as the popular content maker has videos with millions of views. He got started in 2006 and has since then become one of YouTube’s biggest stars, but his stardom hasn’t been without controversy.

That controversy seems to have gotten Onision banned from Twitch, according to the site StreamerBans. Twitch provided no explanation for the ban, but it seems likely to do with the recent allegations of misconduct that have been aimed at Onision, also known as Greg Jackson.

The ban is unlikely to affect Onision’s bottom line very much. According to the website Sullygnome, he’s only streamed there for 154 hours over the past year and had just 3,000 followers prior to his channel being taken down.

Most of Onision’s viewers come from YouTube, where Onision has several channels where he posts content. His more intimate channel, OnisionSpeaks, seems to have released a statement relating to the recent allegations, although given the channel’s satirical nature it can be hard to tell.

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Last year, Patreon banned Onision after he was caught doxing another YouTuber. If that wasn’t bad enough, a scandal brewing since October accuses Onision of child grooming and sexual misconduct.

According to the allegations, Jackson and his husband Kai have been grooming underage women. The allegations surfaced when YouTuber Chris Hansen began interviewing Sarah, who says she herself groomed and after getting adopted by Onision and his husband. She also said the two exchange explicit photographs of children.

Hansen attempted to interview Onision at his home just a few days ago, but rather than answer the door, Onision called the cops. He reported Hansen as an internet “stalker” and that he was “aggressively” pursuing him “in a really hateful way.”

One of Onision’s recent videos seems to address the allegations, although it’s difficult to say given how Onision’s channel is often a satirical take on other personal vlog channels.

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