Our corporate event at Escape hour in Edmonton

As HR manager in the company I was in charge of organising a corporate event for our heads of departments. I decided to try something new this time and play an escape room game. My colleague from another company recommended Escape Hour company as they had held their team building there earlier.

I contacted Escape Hour and I appreciated their approach at once. The manager definitely knows how to communicate with corporate clients, clearly we were not their first client. We set up a meeting. I’ve been shown all the rooms they had. Then during the brief with their manager we discussed the goals of our event, number of people, timing, price. The manager advised me on the rooms that would go the best with our goal. Since our team was too big to play in one room we split the players into smaller teams right there and chose the rooms for them. I liked how flexible Escape Hour’s offers were and how attentive their stuff was to our requests and suggestions. At that stage I was already glad we were going to collaborate with Escape Hour.

The day of our event had come, players started the game. Later that day I collected feedbacks from my colleagues who played in the rooms. All of the players were excited and satisfied with the game. For many of them that was the first experience in the escape room.

When splitting up players into teams I set together  people who rarely interacted at work and separated those working together on the daily basis. My purpose was to make colleagues get to know each other better in informal environment and bond. And I actually saw it happening. Escape room experience made players within a team closer at work place as well. That’s because the game required from them trusting and supporting each other. I think they also saw their colleagues from a different angle. When at work they fulfil their responsibilities and are known for that. In the escape room players revealed the skills others didn’t know about. And there were many discoveries of this kind.

I was following up each group from outside the rooms the whole time. It was also precious experience for me to evaluate the staff from the point of view of their personal qualities, ability to cooperate, use their emotional intelligence.