Outriders: How To Beat Chrysaloid

The Chrysaloid is a relatively early boss fight in Outriders, and despite the creature’s ridiculous size, it isn’t that difficult once you’ve got a good idea of how the fight pans out.

In this short guide we’ll cover the different attacks the Chrysaloid has, how best to work around them, and also some recommendations for class or weapon choices if you’re really struggling with the fight.

Stage One Of The Chrysaloid Fight

So, the Chrysaloid boss fight (located in the Forest Enclave) is one of the most full-on fights you’ve experienced so far in Outriders. That beast is massive, angry, and spawning loads of annoying flying bugs. It makes sense that a fight on this scale also has more than one stage. With a boss fight this big, you’re going to need to know how to heal in Outriders.

During stage one, Chrysaloid has two attacks: the giant laser beam, and the smash-ground AOE attack that it does with the dropped boulders from the ceiling. Thankfully, both of these acts are very scripted, and as long as you’ve got your eyes on the red indicators you should be able to dodge most of the damage.

General tips for this stage:

  • Use the rocks dotted around to take cover from Chrysaloid’s laser beam
  • During the gaps between the beast’s attacks try and empty as many bullets as you can into the creature

Once you’ve knocked down the first half of the health bar, the fight will go into its second stage.

Stage Two Of The Chrysaloid Fight

This is where the fight gets a lot harder. The boss stays relatively the same and uses similar rock-throwing attacks, but it’s when the creature starts spawning in the little bug-buddies that the game changes. The Strix (the giant dragonflies) are very strong and super frustrating to fight, especially on any world tier above 10.

There’s almost no cover at this part of the fight, either. Thankfully, the Chrysaloid doesn’t do much while you battle the Strix. It gives you the opportunity to fully focus on the bugs.

General tips:

  • Keep moving, the Strix fire poison projectiles that can destroy you in just a couple of hits
  • Use your heal sparingly, if you even have a heal, as activating it will remove the poison debuff from your character

Best Class For The Chrysaloid Fight

Both the Devastator and Trickster are a bit of a nightmare in this fight. There’s no chance of getting close to the Chrysaloid, so you’ll probably notice that you aren’t doing as much damage as you might expect with those classes. The best class to solo this boss is probably the Technomancer.

Though you won’t have any need for your Cryo Turret, at least until the Strix shows up in stage two, you can use long-range damage from snipers and assault rifles to handle this boss with ease. That Fixing Wave skill (which heals you) is also super important, mostly for the poison dragonflies. Check out our top-tier Technomancer build for some tips.

If You’re Still Struggling With The Boss…

If the boss is very difficult, maybe because you’re soloing or are on a Devastator run, then you can always lower the world difficulty. We even covered why the world tiers in Outriders don’t really matter. You’re bound to still get at least some decent loot (most times we’ve killed the Chrysaloid it’s been minimum Epic gear) and you won’t waste your time attempting the mission over and over.

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