Outriders: Judgement Quest Walkthrough

Dr. Zahedi has been kidnapped. He’s being taken to some facility away from the Enclave, forcing your party and a new friend, Tiago, to go searching for him. Out of every quest in Outriders, Judgement is the most action-packed. It’s short, filled with dozens of enemies, and wastes no time getting you to the action.

Judgement is also when the game starts demanding that you have a proper character build and solid gear. Visit our Outriders hub page if you want to find a few template builds or understand how each class works in the endgame. If you’re playing on the highest World Tier possible, you might want to consider otherwise if this quest is giving you issues.

Quest Synopsis

  • Rescue Zahedi
  • Fight Your Way Out Of The Stronghold

Rescue Zahedi

It looks like Dr. Scurlock has an entire fortress to himself, complete with a small army of soldiers. Rescuing Zahedi will require an all-out assault.

Run towards the fortress to experience a short cutscene. When it’s over, immediately push into the building, killing the melee units that will attempt to rush you.

This part is pure chaos. You’ll be getting shot from all sides. The safest strategy is to run up the guard towers near the gate, kill the enemies at the towers, then use the newly secured vantage point to clear most of the fortress. If your class relies on close-range skills or weapons, you’ll need to perfectly use your healing mechanic to survive.

The left part of the fortress will spawn a Demolisher (reskinned Ironclad) after a few seconds. This enemy is rather tanky, although you can use a single melee attack to remove all of its armor. Burst this enemy down as fast as you can, using the fodder Troopers as health packs.

When you’ve cleared most of the fortress, you’ll start seeing red circles on your minimap and HUD. This denotes the last few enemies in the fortress. One of these enemies is a reskinned Vanguard Captain. Take this enemy out the same way you would a normal Captain, using your melee to interrupt any abilities he’s casting.

Clear out the fortress, then proceed to the end of the area (opposite of the gate) to find Zahedi.

Hidden Chest #1

This chest is found on the north-facing fortress wall (the right wall with respect to the gate).

Hidden Chest #2

Found to the left of Hidden Chest #1. It’s in the guard tower directly across from where Zahedi is at.

Fight Your Way Out Of The Stronghold

Killing Dr. Scurlock hasn’t resonated well with the locals. An entire army of Kang’s Fighters will rush the fortress. You’ll need to kill every enemy here to leave.

Unlike the first encounter, there are Huntsman snipers present. They typically reside on the guard towers on the walls of the fortress. Focus on killing these enemies as soon as possible, as their sniper shots can one or two-shot you at higher World Tiers.

Beyond the absurd number of fodder enemies, there is a new Elite enemy present in this mission: Kang’s Enforcer. They behave similarly to Technomancers, utilizing Toxic and turrets to kill you. Enforcers also use shotguns similar to Breachers, so their gun can easily stun you. Killing this enemy shouldn’t be too hard, as they don’t have much damage resistance. Keep an eye out for a turret summoning ability, as that turret can annihilate your health bar when it’s active. Should the Enforcer spawn one, you can put a few rounds into the turret to blow it up.

After killing a small army of soldiers, interact with the gate mechanism above the main fortress gate to leave the area. Speak to Jakub when you’re ready to leave.

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