Outward: How To Regenerate Health

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Outward is full of dangerous enemies that can do a lot of damage if you are not careful. Sometimes, taking damage may be unavoidable, but there are several ways that you can heal. Rather than just one HP potion, there are various items that can be used to regenerate HP.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to regenerate health and heal. Overall, there are four main ways to heal, which we will go over. It's important to know that your health does not regenerate naturally over time. First, let's learn about the best method for regenerating health.


Sleeping is a great, free way to restore your health. There are different benefits that sleeping yields, depending on how to sleep. For example, each city has a different sleep buff, and certain tents provide a variety of bonuses.

Regardless of where you chose to sleep, you will regenerate your health. While sleeping, you will regenerate 35 health an hour up to your burnt health limit.

Burnt health is essentially health that is gone, lowering your maximum HP. Your health will become burnt as you engage in combat or become defeated, but through sleep, you will also be able to restore five percent of your burnt health per hour.

If you are running low on HP, we recommend finding the nearest city and sleeping in a bed. Within a city, you don't have to be on guard duty to prevent an ambush, so you will be able to sleep for a longer duration.


Bandages are a simple item crafted with two linen cloths. This item provides the following effects.

  • +0.5 health per second
  • If you are bleeding, this effect is instantly cured

Bandages are great if you are in a pinch and bleeding, but they won't help if you are almost out of HP.


Potions can either be purchased from an Alchemist or made with an Alchemy Kit. These provide a wide range of effects depending on the ingredients.

The best potion to make for restoring health is the Life Potion. This will restore 50 HP instantly when you drink it. To make the Life Potion, you will need the following materials.

  • Option 1:
    • Gravel Beetle
    • Blood Mushroom
    • Water
  • Option 2:
    • Coralhorn Antler
    • Woolshroom
    • Option 3:
      • Phytosaur Horn
      • Marshmelon
      • As you can see, there are three different recipes to make a Life Potion. Additionally, if you combine the Life Potion with a Greasy Fern, you can make the Great Life Potion, which restores 300 HP.

        There are two other potions that restore or regenerate health as well, which can be found listed below.

        • Gep's Drink
          • This will spawn near you if you see Gep's defeat scenario
        • Horror's Potion
        • Food

          In addition to potions, there are a few different food and beverages that you can consume to restore health.

          There are dozens of food items in Outward but as a general rule of thumb, red meat will help with health regeneration, while fish will help with mana regeneration. This means that if you want to restore some health, you should eat a dish cooked with red meat.

          Food will provide different levels of health regeneration, which can be found below.

          • Level 1: 0.2 health per second
          • Level 2: 0.25 health per second
          • Level 3: 0.3 health per second
          • Level 4: 0.4 health per second
          • Level 5: 0.5 health per second

          Now that you know the five levels of health regeneration, let's look at the foods that provide each level.

          Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
          • Bird Egg
          • Boiled Dreamer's Root
          • Cooked Bird Egg
          • Cooked Torcrab Egg
          • Grilled Salmon
          • Miner's Omelet
          • Raw Salmon
          • Stringy Salad
          • Torcrab Egg
          • Veaber's Egg
          • Boozu's Meat
          • Boozu's Milk
          • Boreo Blubber
          • Cooked Jewel Meat
          • Cooked Larva Egg
          • Cooked Meat
          • Fresh Cream
          • Grilled Torcrab Meat
          • Jerky
          • Larva Egg
          • Maize Mash
          • Ocean Fricassee
          • Pot-au-Feu du Pirate
          • Raw Jewel Meat
          • Raw Meat
          • Raw Torcrab Meat
          • Torcrab Jerky
          • Warm Boozu's Milk
          • Alpha Jerky
          • Cheese Cake
          • Cierzo Ceviche
          • Cipate
          • Cooked Alpha Meat
          • Cooked Boozu's Meat
          • Meat Stew
          • Pouding Chomeur
          • Raw Alpha Meat
          • Savage Stew
          • Spiny Meringue
          • Torcrab Sandwich
          • Alpha Sandwich
          • Ragoût du Marais
          • Bread Of The Wild
          • Luxe Lichette

          What Happens When You Are Defeated?

          Upon defeat, you will see a defeat scenario. These are situations that occur when you are defeated that depend on the location you are currently at. One of the most common scenarios is to be saved by Gep. This is a faceless NPC who rescues you upon defeat and leaves you with a drink that restores HP, mana, and stamina.

          Each defeat scenario takes a certain length of time. For example, if you are defeated by bandits in Chersonese, you will awaken four to six hours later in the Bandits' Prison.

          Although you should strive to avoid being defeated, you will not lose all of your items. In most situations, your backpack will either be nearby or a short distance away from you. Some scenarios involve enemies that may steal silver from you, but you will not be left with no possessions.

          That's all there is to know about healing! Be sure to always carry a Life Potion or two, as well as a few extra bandages.

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