Overwatch 1 Event Skins Should Be Purchasable With Legacy Points, Says Blizzard

If you're a longtime Overwatch fan, you'll have likely had plenty of Legacy Credits when you made the switch to Overwatch 2. These credits were given to players as compensation for Blizzard taking standard currency away after the original Overwatch was wiped, and allows players to purchase original Overwatch skins with them. However, players have been unable to purchase original Overwatch Halloween event skins this year, and that's been an issue considering most of the available skins are from the first Overwatch.

In steps Redditor JohnnyJoestar987, who asked Blizzard customer support why Overwatch 1 Halloween skins weren't available for purchase with Legacy Credits. Turns out, they actually were, and the Overwatch 1 Halloween skins are being tagged as brand new skins by mistake. This info was revealed after a Blizzard support agent called Gamemaster asked JohnnyJoestar987 to submit a bug report after receiving their ticket.

By this point, most players just assumed that Blizzard was being stingy with what could be purchased with Legacy Credits, at least according to other Redditors in the same thread. You can't really blame them either, as Overwatch 2's monetization methods continue to irritate the community, whether that be suddenly unbundling certain skins or using seemingly illegal business practices.

Unfortunately, Blizzard hasn't acknowledged this bug on any of its social media platforms, so there's no knowing whether this issue is going to be fixed soon or before the game's next event.

Instead, Mei fans will be hoping that Blizzard is hard at work working on a fix for her Ice Wall ability, as she was removed from the game earlier this week after players discovered a way to glitch underneath the map with the help of an ally Kiriko. Blizzard has stated that Mei will be back on November 15, but that's hardly comforting to Mei main who probably feel like they've been left in the cold.

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