Overwatch 2 Could Introduce New Game Modes According To Blizzard Job Listing

When Blizzard first released its initial set of official details about Overwatch 2, among those was a new game mode called Push. There’s now evidence that this may not be the only mode added to the base Overwatch game once it’s overtaken by its sequel. A job posting on the Blizzard website looking for an Overwatch 2 game designer includes, among other responsibilities, designing and implementing new game modes.

Push, the already-announced game mode, takes place on a symmetrical map, on which teams must push a robot toward their team’s end goal. Like on payload maps, the robot only moves as long as one team – and not the other – is in its nearby vicinity. However, unlike payload maps, both teams are attempting to move the same robot, making this mode more like a game of tug-of-war than the existing Escort map type.

Future modes very well may take a similar approach. Currently, all four main game modes only make use of two mechanics: escorting a payload and capturing a control point. Capture the Flag and Winter Wonderland 2017’s asynchronous Yeti Hunt are built around unique game mechanics that could also potentially be iterated upon for a full game mode in the future. Of course, entirely new game mechanics aren’t out of the question either.

Time will tell whether or not new game modes are added, but there’s reason to believe that Blizzard is constantly working on new content, to some degree, and that only the best ideas ultimately see the light of day. Testing of a tug-of-war map type, for example, was first discussed by Jeff Kaplan back in 2016, suggesting that the idea was improved over the course of a few years before the final decision to add it to Overwatch 2 was made. This means that, while developers may be working on new game modes up until and maybe even well after the sequel’s release, it’s no guarantee that some, if any of them will see the light of day.

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