Overwatch 2: Orisa Hero Guide

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The world of Overwatch 2 allows you to band together with four other heroes to fight five enemies over a specific objective. These objectives can range from escorting a payload or a robot, to capturing a particular area for a limited time. Depending on the objective, your play style can change drastically.

To support this drastic change in play style, the game has over 30 characters across different roles that give you a different vibe each. Created by Efi Oladele, Orisa is one such character who has an amazing set of skills to help your team get an advantage over the enemy.

Orisa's Role In Overwatch 2

Whenever you start a Role Queue or Open Queue game mode in Overwatch 2, you have to select a character from one of the three roles: Tank, Support, and Damage. Depending on the role you pick, the team expects you to fulfill a certain task to claim victory.

Orisa is a Tank character in the game, and your job is to protect your teammates and head into direct battle with the enemies. During her introduction, it was revealed that Orisa was created with a specific goal in mind, and that was to protect every ally around her.

She also shares a passive with all the other Tanks in the game that allows her to get knocked back less from enemy abilities, and she can also get ultimate points from healing and taking damage.

The major difference between the first and the second game of Overwatch is the reduction in the number of Tanks in a team from two to one. This makes it the most important role since you have to do all your duties alone.

Orisa's Abilities

Apart from their design, the main factor that differentiates heroes from each other in Overwatch 2 is their abilities. Every character has unique skills that consist of their weapons, active abilities, passive abilities, and ultimate. These abilities define their play style and viability on a certain map.

There's a unique trait when it comes to the hero abilities in Overwatch 2. The number of abilities each hero has isn't the same, which means that some heroes can have four abilities while others can have up to six of them.

Furthermore, some lucky characters in the game get their own unique passive apart from the role passive given to them. Unfortunately, Orisa isn't one of these characters.

Here's what Orisa's abilities bring to the table:

Ability NameAbility TypeDescription
Augmented Fusion DriverWeaponThis well-designed gun is installed in Orisa's model itself. She can use it as an automatic weapon with unlimited bullets, but it gets heated the more it's used. Moreover, it deals extra damage to the enemies in close range.
Energy JavelinActive AbilityAfter activating this ability, Orisa will hurl her Javelin in the direction you're aiming for. If this Javelin hits an enemy, they'll get knocked back and stunned. It's much more effective if the enemy hits a wall during the knockback.
FortifyActive AbilityThis is a buffing ability that helps Orisa in the battle for a short time. Upon activation, it gives some temporary health to the hero and also reduces the damage taken by her. Furthermore, your weapon also generates lesser heat allowing you to shoot for longer.
Javelin SpinActive AbilityRemember that Javelin you hurled at an enemy? Orisa uses the same one to block all the projectiles and melee attacks in the direction you're facing. It also pushes the enemy back and increases your speed for the duration.
Terra SurgeUltimateOnce your ultimate is ready, you can activate it to bring all the enemies within a small circle toward you while you charge a devastating blow. You will also gain the effects of Fortify as soon as you activate Terra Surge.

While you can release the damage early by pressing the button you use to shoot your weapon, no one can survive if you're able to charge it fully.

Tips To Play As Orisa

Orisa is not an easy hero to play and master in Overwatch 2 by any means. Tank is already a hard role to play, and you need to take care of multiple things while playing her. She also needs a ton of game sense which makes it even harder for newer players to see her true potential.

It's going to take you a while to master this character, but here are a few tips and tricks that will make the journey easier:

Her Javelin Needs Precise Aim

After reading the description, you can already tell that her Energy Javelin ability can be great if used correctly. Since the ability gives your team a decent advantage, it's harder to use it compared to most other abilities. This is specifically because of how aiming works with it.

The first thing you need to know about this ability is that it doesn't have a hit scan. This means that the damage and knockback from the Javelin occur when the projectile hits the enemy, and not when you shoot it. Because of this, you have to predict an enemy's movement while having a good aim.

Although, the Javelin itself has a pretty thick hitbox, and you'll know if it hits an enemy so you can capitalize on it.

Furthermore, there are quite a few situations where the use of this ability gives you no value. Thankfully, it has a pretty short cooldown, so you don't have to think too much before throwing it away. Here are the scenarios where you can mess up with this ability:

  • If you throw the Javelin at a certain enemy when they're all grouped up, it's rendered useless since you won't be able to dive between all of them to get the kill.
  • If the enemy is low and your entire team is chasing them, there's a chance that your Javelin can give them the required distance to get away, making your team furious at you.

You should wait for the enemy Tank to charge in, or an enemy Damage hero to sneak into your back line to use this ability. When you use it defensively, you can't go wrong with it. After getting used to the projectile and aiming with the ability, you can slowly use it offensively as well.

You Need To Fight At The Front Line

As a Tank, it's your job to stand in front of your team and take all the damage. Although, there are some Tanks in the game that have a hard time doing this. But fighting at the front line becomes even more important when you're playing Orisa because she's based on a supportive play style.

Her Energy Javelin allows you to protect your team from a charging enemy, while the Javelin Spin blocks the enemy attacks for your entire team if you place yourself correctly. Furthermore, if you get dangerously low while protecting your team, you can easily escape after using Fortify.

You'll not get a good number of eliminations in the game while you're playing Orisa. If you've decided to play the character, it's important to let the other members of your team shine while you support them and prevent them from dying.

Keep An Eye On Your Heat Bar

As mentioned above, Orisa's weapon has unlimited bullets, but it generates heat as you use it more. You can see the heat generated on the right side of your crosshair while shooting the weapon. If you stop shooting before the bar fills up, it will quickly go down within seconds.

On the other hand, if you don't pay attention to the bar and allow it to fully heat your weapon, she'll go into a reload animation that takes much longer. In some situations, you might be forced to go into this animation because the enemy you're shooting at is low, but it's recommended to stop before the bar fills in most cases.

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