Overwatch 2 Player Discovers Kiriko Can Block Headshots By Looking Up

It seems like every week there's a new issue with one of Overwatch 2's many characters. Bastion, Torbjorn, and Mei have all been removed due to game breaking exploits found in certain abilities, and the latter is still yet to return. This isn't even taking into account notorious glitches like Sombra's ability to teleport inside the payload, which still hasn't been addressed. It's now Kiriko's turn to cause headaches at Blizzard.

First discovered by Overwatch 2 streamer Flats (thanks Kotaku), it seems like Kiriko has the ability to completely block headshots from the front and the sides if the player just looks up. It's likely that the hitbox surrounding Kiriko's arm completely covers up the hitbox for head whenever players look up, meaning the only way to get a headshot off on Kiriko is to shoot her from behind.

It's unlikely that this issue will cause her to be removed from the game like Mei and others, and it's going to be even harder to implement this technique during the heat of a fast-paced game when things can get a little intense. Still, if you've ever played as Widowmaker and swore down you got a headshot on a Kiriko only for them to run away with their head in tact, this might be the reason why.

One other Hero that might actually be removed from the roster is Mercy, as players have now discovered an exploit with her sitting emote that lets her clip into walls. This might not sound like such a big issue, but it can be on more boxed in maps where she can successfully contest a robot or payload from a nearby wall with no way for opposition players to take her out. If you're a Mercy main, you might have to say goodbye for a couple of weeks soon.

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