Overwatch 2’s Kiriko Confirmed, First New Healer In Almost 3 Years

Overwatch 2's long-awaited launch is only a few weeks away, and Blizzard has finally officially confirmed the first new hero to join the series' roster when the sequel arrives on October 4. Kiriko, whose reveal has been rumored for a while, has finally been officially confirmed and revealed and you can check out her announcement trailer below.

Kiriko is a healer, the first to be added to the Overwatch games for almost three years. The hero will fling blades at her enemies, but arguably her most exciting asset is the fox spirit that accompanies her. Kiriko is very much fox-themed, again something that was hinted at ahead of time via leaks, as no matter what look she's equipped with in the trailer, she appears to be sporting some fox-eared headgear.

As touched upon above, the official reveal of Kiriko might not be a huge surprise to some. Blizzard actually leaked the first details about its newest hero over the summer, mentioning Kiriko in a description of Overwatch 2's Watchpoint Pack. That was quickly removed only for an incomplete version of the below cinematic to leak a short while later. That's when players got their first real look at Kiriko.

The Watchpoint Pack is one of many signs Overwatch 2 will work very differently from the first game. Although the sequel will be free-to-play, some items will be locked behind the premium version of its battle pass. The pass is included in the Watchpoint Pack. Characters can also be unlocked through battle pass progression, something players have already reacted poorly to, though Blizzard has confirmed all unlockable characters will be available through the free version of the pass.

Overwatch and its sequel will be two of many games that may well fall under the Xbox umbrella should the studio's $70 billion acquisition go ahead as planned. There's also still a great deal of unrest at the studio following incredibly serious allegations made against Activision Blizzard and some of its employees more than a year ago. A number of investigations and lawsuits are still ongoing, including the very first in which an investigation by California's DFEH discovered evidence of sexual harassment and a "frat boy work culture".

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