Overwatch 2’s Latest Patch Adds Numbani And Necropolis Back To Their Map Pools

Overwatch 2's latest patch has brought with it a bunch of bug fixes and character tweaks, but the biggest new adition is the return of two maps that had mysteriously vanished when transitioning over from the original game – Numbani and Necropolis.

The absence of both maps was noticed by players back when Overwatch 2 launched, although Blizzard hadn't officially commented on why the maps were missing. It's likely that both maps were being slightly tweaked or have undergone minor redesigns, although the reason for their disappearance is still a mystery. The game's latest patch has now reintroduced both Numbani and Necropolis to their map pools, meaning they should now be available in the actual game.

As for what else the patch introduces, there have been tweaks issued to both Zenyatta and Kiriko, the former of which will no longer receive extra attack speed from Kiriko's Ultimate. It's worth noting that Zenyatta's attack speed will still increase, but this fix has stopped Zenyatta from receiving a higher attack speed boost than the rest of the roster. Other than that, Blizzard has implemented a bunch of minor bug fixes, the full list of which you can find on the official Overwatch website or embedded below.

Unfortunately, it seems like Bastion and Torbjorn mains will have to wait a little bit longer for their heroes to return, as both characters were recently pulled from all modes following the discovery of certain exploits. Bastion's exploit was definitely the more notorious of the two though, as a glitch in its Ultimate allowed players to spam artillery shells across the map for short amount of time instead of the usual three. It's unknown when Bastion of Torbjorn will return to Overwatch 2, although fixing both of these characters will likely be a priority.

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