Overwatch Dating Sim Pokes Fun At Mercy Nerfs And Genji Mains

It's Valentine's Day and Overwatch 2 players can celebrate the holiday by virtually dating some of their favorite heroes. The sequel's dating sim Loverwatch is live now for anyone to use, even if you don't play Overwatch, and while nothing that happens in it is canon, there are a few pretty meta references poking fun at Mercy's nerfs and Genji mains.

Overwatch players have been sharing their experiences with Loverwatch since the different decisions you make, and the hero you choose to date, will result in a different experience each time you play. Mercy is one of two heroes you can date in Loverwatch, and while it might not seem like the sort of thing you might discuss on a date, Mercy addresses her mobility.

“Mobility and overpowered are not the same thing,” the Mercy in the Loverwatch universe says (via Reddit), referencing her recent nerfs. Clearly not the only person who has landed on that particular line of dialogue judging by the replies. Another player has discovered a reference to Zenyatta. Surprising not only because Zenyatta isn't one of the two heroes you can date, but also because Blizzard has infamously given Overwatch players very little Zenyatta content.

That's exactly what Zenyatta references in his Loverwatch cameo. “How sad is it that the only place you can get Zenyatta content these days is the explicitly non-canon dating sim and that one short story?” his dialogue box reads. Last but not least, for now, if you're a Genji main, you don't even need to play Loverwatch to get roasted. The trailer for the sim below ends with a dig at those who use the hero and spam “I need healing” for the entire match.

Overwatch's dating sim is live and available to play right now through Loverwatch.gg for anyone who might not have other Valentine's Day plans. Even if you do, the site will remain live until February 28, giving you the chance to chat up Mercy and Genji and try to discover all of the easter eggs hidden in the sim. Just remember again, as Blizzard can't stress this enough, nothing you experience in Loverwatch is a part of the Overwatch canon.

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