Overwatch Players React To Sequel’s Heroes Being Locked Behind A Battle Pass

Overwatch 2 hasn't even launched yet, but players are already frustrated with some of the systems Blizzard has in place it. It has been confirmed that some heroes will require you to progress through a battle pass to unlock them, and reactions to that news have been pretty negative.

The fear that some heroes would need to be unlocked first arose when Watchpoint Pack details leaked. The list of items and perks revealed that those who forked out $40 for the pack would also get access to new hero, Kiriko. The info was quickly taken down, but as highlighted by PC Gamer, not before the internet had seen it and reacted accordingly.

Backlash to the reveal was so fierce, Blizzard VP Jon Spector responded in an attempt to ease potential Overwatch 2 players' fears but just made things worse. He revealed new heroes will be available to unlock via the free track of the battle pass, meaning they will technically be available to all players. However, the reveal you'll have to grind for an undetermined amount of hours just wound up Overwatch players even more.

The addendum that even if you miss out on a hero they will be available again in the future also didn't stave off the critique. “Overwatch players waiting almost four years for a new support hero only for her to be paywalled or a battle pass grind if you don't pay,” one player tweeted. Others highlighted that asking a teammate to switch to another hero only for them to reveal they haven't unlocked them yet will likely be a common occurrence.

Overwatch has remained popular, both to play and to watch, for so long despite a sequel because it has remained unique when compared to other games that might seem similar on the outside looking in, like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Players appear to be worried the battle pass format and grind requirements to make sure you have every hero will take from that.

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