Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals Delayed Into 2023

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals has been pushed back into 2023, with the developer citing quality concerns and further localization plans. No specific date has been revealed, nor do we have a release window, but we now know that the Oxenfree sequel won't be with us this year, and will launch January 2023 at the earliest.

The delay has been made in order to make Oxenfree 2 "the best game it can possibly be", and to make it available in more regions. The statement doesn't go into much more detail than that, but it comes just as the first Oxenfree was revealed to be available on Netflix, playable on any platform that lets you sign into the streaming service.

"We owe it to our amazing community to make Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals the best game it can possibly be," reads a short statement shared by developer, Night School Studio. "Seeing your fan art, reading your excited comments, and connecting with you fuels our ambition to make this our best game yet.

"To make Oxenfree 2 truly special and add more localizations, we're moving our release window to 2023. Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding."

Oxenfree 2 didn't have a specific release date before this delay, but it was set to be with us at some point this year.

It initially appeared that Oxenfree was shooting for an autumn release this year, especially since our editor-in-chief, Stacey Henley, got to try it out in the summer and loved her time with it. "Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals was near the top of my most anticipated games list after the initial preview", Stacey wrote back in June. "My hands-on time with the game shores up its position, and offers a few answers, but throws even more questions into the mix." Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little while longer to get those answers now.

Whenever it launched, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It remains to be seen if it's made available on Netflix from day one, following Night Class Studios' deal with the streaming giant.

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