Pancham Has Finally Been Added To Pokemon Go

Pancham makes its debut in Pokemon Go today. The gen 6 Pokemon will start appearing in raids at 10 am local time, so could be available now depending on where you are.

Pancham makes its debut in Pokemon Go today as gen six continues to be rolled out onto the mobile game. Niantic teased the arrival of the fighting-type and starting from 10 am local time, the panda-inspired Pokemon will begin to appear in raids. Pancham’s evolved form Pangoro has also been added to the game, but only via evolving Pancham for the time being.

Once you have your first Pancham, it will require quite a bit of work to evolve it into a Pangoro. 50 Pancham candy, which means you’re going to need to either take part in a number of raids or do plenty of walking with Pancham at your side. You will also need to catch 32 dark-type Pokemon with Pancham as your buddy. 32 is significant because it’s the level at which Pancham evolves in the main series of games.

What will happen to Pancham after May 17 still remains unclear. Odds are it will leave raids and be discoverable in the wild. It should also be available via strange eggs, so don’t panic if you don’t manage to catch a Pancham via a raid at some point in the next seven days.

Pancham and Pangoro are just the latest Pokemon to arrive in Pokemon Go during the game’s Luminous Legends X and Y events. A number of other Pokemon have debuted since the event started earlier this month including Goomy, Xerneas, and Spritzee. The end of Pancham’s raid week will mark the end of the X event. The Y event will begin the following day and run until the end of the month.

Pancham’s imminent arrival in Pokemon Go was already revealed via a loading screen almost two months ago. That has made the wait for it and Pangoro even more excruciating. The Y event later this month will be headed up by the debut of legendary Pokemon Yveltal and also bring a few more debuts along with it.

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