Panzer Dragoon’s Remake To Get Substantial Patch With New Features

The recently released Panzer Dragoon remake for Switch (which is still coming to PC and Stadia, by the way) is set to receive a substantial update that will add a ton of quality-of-life features. In a video interview with producer Benjamin Anseaume, fansite Panzer Dragoon World was given some early details on what will be coming in the 1.3 update that is currently being developed.

The most significant addition has to be gyro controls, which should help improve aiming for the rail shooter. Along with that, a 60 FPS playback option will be added, increasing fluidity for the port. If that wasn’t enough, HD rumble will be included, some control remapping is being done, and the general input latency is getting decreased.

Despite being a classic title that is worth playing, the remake felt a little undercooked on release. Features like this are things that one would expect of a modern release, but they were conspicuously absent. Their inclusion falls in line with the mantra “better late than never,” but it’s not wrong to say these features could have swayed potential buyers if they were included from the start.

Still, by the time the other versions roll around, it seems Panzer Dragoon remake will go from an odd curio to a must-own title. That’s not a bad thing.

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