Pathfinder Publisher Reveals Campaign Set In A Magic School – Start As Students, Become Teachers

Paizo recently revealed the new Strength of Thousands Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition on the Paizo Blog. The monthly, six-part Adventure Path is currently scheduled for release on the Paizo webstore in July 2021.

The announcement also presented the party of accomplished authors working on developing the Strength of Thousands (SoT) Adventure Path, along with which of the six-part path they’re working on. Here’s a quick bullet list:

  • Kindled Magic, by Alexandria Bustion and Eleanor Ferron
  • Spoken on the Song Wind, by Quinn Murphy
  • Hurricane’s Howl, by Michelle Jones
  • Secrets of the Temple-City, by Luis Loza
  • Doorway to the Red Star, by Michael Sayre
  • Shadows of the Ancients, by Saif Ansari

It’s not clear if that is the order the six parts of the SoT Adventure Path will be released in, or not. That info may be shared privately via the Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription service, or will hopefully be posted in the near future, along with just a few more story details on each.

What is known about the SoT Adventure Path is that it will accompany the Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse sourcebook also scheduled for release next year (June). SoT will have you roleplaying as students of the “Magaambya magic academy in the Mwangi Expanse, the oldest and most prestigious magic school in our world.” You’ll begin as students, and as the adventure takes you from level one to twenty, you’ll advance the story and be promoted to teachers, “and ultimately hold the fate of the school in their hands.”

With SoT being set in an academy where magic is the primary focus of study, the Path seems most suited to players with spellcasting characters. However, Paizo states that if you want to play a non-spellcaster in this Path, they have you covered, as they’re “layering on additional spellcasting ability to all characters”. So characters who don’t normally cast spells will learn how, and characters who do naturally cast spells will learn how to cast a few more.

SoT will also take your characters on a wide-ranging journey throughout the Path, matching your progression in both skill and level. It will start at the academy in Magaambya, then take you from there to travel about the Mwangi Expanse as the story progresses. Paizo also promises “tons of support in supplemental articles in each volume” of SoT, including plenty of NPC students and faculty, and “an academia downtime subsystem” that sounds downright cool.

Head over to the Paizo Blog and read the full Strength of Thousands Adventure Path details.

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