PAX Indie Spotlight – Creature in the Well

Creature in the Well could probably thrive on its visual aesthetic alone, but instead a rather interesting choice of genre blending takes the center stage. From Flight School Studio, this title at PAX West 2019 was getting a lot of attention, and for with good reason. It’s got that Zelda-style adventure dungeon crawl vibe going, but it’s all done in the context of pinball, Breakout, and Arkanoid. It’s real hard to explain how that looks with words, so check out this video first – 

Your goal is to power back on an ancient weather device at the bottom of a network of dungeons in which the titular creature resides. To do so, you have a bunch of different weapons at your disposal to help solve puzzles and challenges. In a traditional adventure game an upgraded sword might come with more power or some kind of elemental damage – here, you may find a weapon that shoots out more projectiles to help trigger buttons or smash faraway blocks.

Maybe you find something that slows down time to help launch perfectly placed shots. Or something that lets you get some aiming assistance to make long-range bank shots. There are a bunch of tools to find and master as you travel down the well and find what lurks below, including a wealth of secrets for adventurers that pay extra attention to detail.

Genre alchemy is always in full swing at PAX, but this particular concoction is particularly compelling. If this sounds intriguing to you, you don’t have to wait long – Creature in the Well is coming to Xbox One, Switch, and PC on September 6. That’s real soon!

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