PC Players Can Import Hitman 2 Levels Into Hitman 3 By End Of February

IO Interactive has finally resolved the issue of importing Hitman 2 levels into Hitman 3 for PC players. By the end of February, PC players on Steam will be able to port their levels through the Epic Games Store.

“Whilst we’ve been busy launching Hitman 3, we’ve also been working on the promised solution for allowing PC players to import locations that they already own into the game on Epic. We’ve got that solution worked out and it’s currently being tested and verified from all angles to make it as robust as possible,” a forum post from IO reads.

“In terms of timing, it’s definitely a case of sooner rather than later. Even with the longest estimates we’ve looked at, the solution will be fully rolled out before the end of February. We’ll keep you updated with the next steps,” the post adds.

Prior to the release of Hitman 3 in January, gamers were up in arms when IO announced that Hitman 2 owners would have to buy the game again due license transferring problems from Steam to the Epic Games Store. The Danish game developer, however, would allow content from both Hitman and Hitman 2 to be transferred into the new game for free.

After the uproar, IO assured players that a solution would arrive “in the coming weeks.” However, three weeks later, PC players were still waiting for an update. Fortunately, the issue has finally been resolved, though IO has not yet clarified how the process will work. Players are expected to be notified shortly.

Hitman 3, a stealth game developed and published by IO Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch, was released on January 20 2021. A week after the game’s release, IO’s studio head Hakan Abrak said the company had recouped the development costs for the game, adding, “that puts us in a really good place and allows us to confidently move forward with our ambitious plans for future projects.”

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