Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Will Be Performing At The Game Awards

Have I got a little story for you, Pearl Jam’s lead singer Eddie Vedder will be taking the digital “stage” during this year’s The Game Awards.

Just like Imagine Dragons and Chvrches, Eddie Vedder will be performing a song or two in between the trailers and the award announcements. He’ll likely be singing one of his latest solo singles “Matter of Time” and “Say Hi” during the show. However, there is also a particular Pearl Jam song that is synonymous with The Last of Us Part 2, one of the nominees for Game of the Year.

The Last of Us’ Joel is a huge fan of Pearl Jam, and the song “Future Days” is an emotionally charged number that stands out to Ellie and him throughout the narrative of the sequel. We can see Eddie Vedder performing this by himself or with Troy Baker and/or Ashley Johnson as scenes from The Last of Us Part 2 play in the background.

The Game Awards will be streamed live in 4K UHD on December 10 with 45 video platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. This is the first time the show will be international as well as it will zoom from Los Angeles, to London, to Tokyo. We wonder if Geoff Keighley’s best friend Hideo Kojima will make an appearance; Kojima Productions did start composing new music for an undisclosed project earlier this year, so perhaps an announcement trailer is near?

We’re also expecting to hear about gaming’s worst kept secret, the new Silent Hill project, that is rumored to show during The Game Awards. The show has promised “spectacular world premiere game announcements” and these two would definitely fit the bill.

In addition to Vedder, the London Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. They are at the helm by Lorne Balfe, who’s worked on The Game Awards for the past three years.

The nominees list for the coveted Game of the Year title is stacked this year. Ghost of Tsushima is a beautifully crafted game that feels like it was made in Japan but wasn’t, Final Fantasy VII Remake delivered, despite the sheer amount of hype driven towards it, and The Last of Us Part 2 gave us a gripping narrative that feels like a fitting follow up to the groundbreaking original. There is also Hades that has taken the world by storm with its fun action mechanics in a typically tough genre to crack. Doom Eternal feels like the one left out with that space originally positioned for the delayed Cyberpunk 2077. It will be interesting to see which one takes it.

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