People Are Simping After Samsung’s Rejected Virtual Assistant (Don’t Google Her BTW)

Sorry, Bixby. It looks like you’re old news now. The internet has apparently uncovered a rejected virtual assistant, Sam, for Samsung devices and now everyone has lost their damn minds.

Before you get too excited, it looks like Sam is just a rejected AI companion, so maybe Bixby lives to see another day. In an article from HITC (via Polygon), we’ve learned that a company called Lightfarm drummed up these renders of Sam with the Cheil Agency. Samsung actually owns Cheil, but it looks like Sam is a project from the past. The renders were taken down from Lightfarm’s official post, but not before the internet fell in love.

Now, Twitter, Tiktok, and every corner of the thirst-posting internet are buzzing with images of Sam. If you’re curious to learn more about her, make sure you do so from the safety of your own home because her Google results aren’t exactly safe for work. Anyway, I did a lot of Twitter digging for the fan reactions on social, which are also NSFW, your welcome.

In addition to fan art, she’s spawned all sorts of cosplay, fan cams, and memes. Sam and her Pixar-like aesthetic has made waves everywhere. I’m simping for Sam, too, but if you go messing around on Reddit, just beware that’s where most of her rule 34 art lurks. In my digging, I have seen things I never expected to see. There is nowhere safe from Sam.

Anyway, bit of a shame we won’t actually have a Sam button on our phone. Bixby drives me absolutely mad when I smash the button on accident, but perhaps it’s for the betterment of humanity that we can’t ring up Sam whenever we like.

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