Persona 5 Royal: How To Romance Ohya

Persona 5 Royal has made a name for itself as one of the greatest games of the past generation. This Japanese role-playing game melds masterful combat, a fascinating story, and some of the best characters in video games to create an experience unlike any other in gaming.

One aspect of Persona 5 Royal that players adore is the freedom to choose who they can romance while playing as the game’s protagonist, Joker. One of the options available to the leader of the Phantom Thieves is the investigative journalist Ichiko Ohya. Winning her heart is a daunting task to the inexperienced, but it’s feasible with the right advice.

Play Normally Until 6/23

Ohya isn’t immediately available for bonding. She’s locked until the end of June, meaning Joker will have to focus on the game’s many other activities until he hits this date. Thankfully, she doesn’t have any stat requirements that lock players out of progression in her social link. Just focus on the following tasks in the meantime:

  • Leveling up characters
  • Upgrading social stats
  • Boosting other Confidants
  • Grabbing a Devil Persona to expedite Ohya’s social link

Stop By The Crossroads Bar

After 6/23, take a trip to the Crossroads Bar in the evening. Ohya can often be found here drinking. You’ll need to talk to her as part of the story, so starting rank one is easy enough. Joker and Ohya will agree to share information, and each time he comes through with new tips on the Phantom Thieves for her story, their bond will deepen. Keep in mind that visiting a palace or Mementos will stop Joker from going out at night to see Ohya.

Give Ohya The Scoop On The Phantom Thieves

Those looking to spend time with Ohya will be happy to hear that she’s available every evening during the week. When Joker visits her, he’ll help her with her articles while learning why she’s so invested in journalism. Along the way, Joker will gain abilities that help with infiltrating palaces and make palace progression easy. With the extra time, players can spend the evenings in Shinjuku with their favorite investigator.

Keep Evenings Free

As with every other evening Confidant, Joker will need to stay out of the Metaverse should he choose to focus on bonding with Ohya. One way to overcome this hurdle is to max out Kawakami and gain access to her Special Massage ability.

Calling Kawakami will have her come over and alleviate Joker’s body’s fatigue, allowing him to head out in the evening. Those interested in this option should know that Kawakami:

  • Becomes available on 5/24
  • Requires a level 3 Charm to interact with.

If spending time with Kawakami seems tedious, slate out a few days a week where the Phantom Thieves stay out of the metaverse instead.

Be Agreeable in Conversations With Ohya

Ohya is a habitual drinker and is constantly whimsical when interacting with Joker. While conversations have their serious moments, most cases will require Joker to humor the downtrodden Journalist. She talks quite a bit, so be ready to chime in when she finally stops talking. Those looking for a more in-depth conversation guide will want to check out TheGamer’s Confidant Conversation Guide.

Progress to Rank 8

Once the Confidant rank’s foundation is set in motion, Joker will have to tag along until rank 8 before anything of note happens. However, he will be treated to an interesting, and at times, comical adventure with the bumbling journalist. Visit her on evenings when Joker and his crew aren’t occupied with palace infiltration. Keep track of the following tips to ensure these sessions go smoothly.

  • Bring a Devil Arcana Persona with Joker each time he visits Ohya, boosting social point gain.
  • She is available in the evenings and during rainy days.
  • Complete palaces quickly to give Joker more unimpeded free time.

Grab Ohya Some Gifts

Later on, in the Confidant link, Joker will more than likely have an instance where the social link is halted due to lack of points. When this happens, he must spend a day with the Confidant without progressing their Arcana. This is true for Ohya as well. Thankfully, there is a way around this stopgap. Every lady Joker can romance in Persona 5 Royal has a set list of gifts that boost their social link points. The following are items Joker can give Ohya to boost her Confidant rank to avoid fruitless meetings:

  • +2 Social Points: Mini Cactus, Rakugo Collection, Sakura Fan, Uji Matcha Flan, Designer Perfume, Black Painted Mug, Crimson Lipstick, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, High-Performance Electric Toothbrush, Watercolor Postcard, Cowhide Pencil Case
  • +3 Social Points: Black Mug, Classical Hits, Digital Camera (romance only,) Fountain Pen, All-Purpose Vitamins, Super Noisy Alarm Clock

Complete The “Fighting For Truth in Journalism” Request

At rank 8, Joker and Ohya finally confront Shinpei Honjo, Ohya’s rotten boss who is stifling her journalistic integrity while keeping her away from a friend. After learning his name from Ohya, Joker and the Phantom Thieves can confront him in Mementos. This is a Rank C mission, so it is very doable at this stage in the game. Shinpei Honjo can be found on the Path of Kaitul: Area 9 of Mementos. He’s weak to wind, so make sure Morgana is in the party to quickly deal with him.

Reply With “I Took It Seriously” in Response 5 of Rank 9

After Joker deals with Ohya’s boss, he can progress his bond with her again. During the conversation in rank 9, Ohya will recall an instance where she forced Joker to pretend to be her boyfriend. In the process, she’ll ask if he took it seriously. Reply with “I took it seriously” to let her know Joker is serious about her. She will be hesitant to accept his feelings, so follow up with “I love you, Ichiko” to cement the relationship.

Meet With Ohya Again To Hit Rank 10

To complete the romantic relationship between Ohya and Joker, meet with her one last time where he’ll see the end of her current mission in journalism and hear her commit to a devoted relationship between the two. This encounter can’t be failed, so choose what feels most appropriate and remember that Joker can still spend time with Ohya after reaching max rank with her. Invite her out on dates to see her again.

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