Persona 5 Royal: Kamoshida’s Palace Will Seed Locations

Persona 5 Royal is an enhanced version of Persona 5, offering new content such as additional characters, confidants, semesters, features, and more. One of the added features in the game is Will Seeds — new collectibles that can be found throughout the palaces. Each palace contains three Will Seeds, and once all three are collected they will fuse together to make a new accessory.

If you miss any Will Seeds, you can purchase Spare Will Seeds from Jose’s shop, but they don’t come cheap. We advise you to collect them all yourself as they are all fairly easy to get. The first palace that you encounter is Kamoshida’s, so here’s a guide on where you can find all three Will Seeds.

Red Lust Seed Location

Will Seeds are always behind a door overgrown with plants, and your characters will replenish a little bit of SP once you collect each one. Mona will notify you when you are close to one.

After defeating the Heavenly Punisher mini-boss, you will automatically grapple up to a higher level. As you attempt to progress, Mona will guide you to your first Will Seed — the Red Lust Seed. Grapple over to the area shown above to get your first seed and a brief introduction to them from Mona.

Now that you’ve found your first Will Seed, opening your map will display how many you have left to find in the bottom left corner when inside of a palace.

Green Lust Seed Location

This seed is more easily missed. Once you reach the roof of Kamoshida’s castle, you will eventually be scaling the outside of a tower. Enter the first window, and if you drop down, Mona will immediately notify you that a Will Seed is nearby. You need to jump back up near the window and scale the boxes to enter a vent.

Continue onwards and you’ll emerge outside of another window near a treasure chest. Grab the loot and then grapple up the side of the tower twice to reach a new window.

You can see the Will Seed doorway clearly, so head inside and grab the Green Lust Seed. Afterward, head back down the tower to resume your palace infiltration.

Blue Lust Seed Location

As you near the treasure and progress through the tower with the moving floor, Mona will mention that there is a hidden room nearby. This is where you want to head to next.

Head down the elevator and take the southern path, jumping through the painting of Kamoshida. You’ll end up in the entrance hall, so take the stairs on your right and enter the little room — pull the lever that you find here.

Once the gears are moving, head back through Kamoshida’s painting and continue forwards and take a left this time, so you are taking the path you have yet to travel down. Take this new elevator down and Mona will immediately alert you to the presence of the last Will Seed.

Continue forwards and you’ll see the door to the Will Seed is guarded by a shadow, Blue Will Seeds always have a mini-boss to defeat in order to access them, so get used to this. You need to defeat the Torn King of Desire.

This guy has no weaknesses and is strong against pretty much every attack type, so throw some debuffs on it if you can. It will occasionally focus on Ann, so have her guard when you get this notification to reduce the damage. Focus on physical attacks as it won’t resist these, however, it is susceptible to status ailments like Freeze or Shock, so you can try and do this and then follow up with a Technical Attack.

Once this mini-boss is defeated, you can head in and claim your last Will Seed. This will cause all three seeds to merge together and create the Crystal of Lust accessory, which adds the Diarama skill to a character’s repertoire.

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