Pick Up This Pet Photography Game Called Pupperazzi

The pet photography game Pupperazzi launches next week on January 20, 2022. As the name would suggest, Pupperazzi is all about taking pictures of pooches. The game is of course filled with puns.

Pupperazzi takes place in a world entirely populated by dogs. You can “explore the lighthouse cove, take a sunset stroll on the boardwalk, zoom around the city of Muttropolis, and more! Either way, it’ll be filled with dogs. It’s rumored humans exist, but who cares?”

The developer behind the game, Sundae Month, describes Pupperazzi as “first person photographer action. Discover all new dogs and activities as you run, jump, and interact with the world… and dogs!” You can take part in a variety of different activities including playing fetch, holding dance parties, and dressing up. You can also terrorize the dogs with a vacuum cleaner. “Normal dog things. Questionable dog things. Suspiciously human things.” You can of course pet them as well. The game features terrific terriers, lovely labs, pretty pugs, and more.

“Put your love for pups to the test — we have a bunch of dogs that need their photos taken, doggone it! Photograph and catalog the finest (and derpiest) dogs to build your career, upgrade your camera, and discover new canines.”

You assume the role of a Pupperazzo as you make your way around Muttropolis. “Will you hound for stardom in public or would you rather be taken seriously as an artist? Perhaps you just want to show your friends the cute dog you saw while you were out. It's your choice which direction your career goes — just don’t forget to pet the dogs along the way.” You can share your pictures online while striving for success in Muttropolis.

The mechanics are surprisingly varied for a photography game. “Dodge between people and obstacles as you try to capture canine beauty on everlasting digital photos. Double jump across buildings to get that lucrative shot of a local dog celebrity just trying to live their life. Slow motion zooming helps capture mid-air moments that actually make you feel something.”

Pupperazzi joins a number of other games which have been innovating with photography in recent years. But this one has dogs. Come for the photography. Stay for the dogs.

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