Piplup Goes To The Gym To Get Swole In New Official Pokemon Video

We are four days into the new year and if you're anything like me, some or all of the resolutions you made a few days ago have already fallen by the wayside. One of the more popular promises people make to themselves at the start of a new year is the pledge to be healthier. Whether that be eating less junk food or paying a few visits to what is likely a pretty busy gym right about now.

If you are trying to work out more and you already feel like giving up, Pokemon is here to provide motivation from an unlikely source. The penguin Pokemon, Piplup. The Sinnoh starter also appears to be trying to get in shape to kick off 2022 as it has made its way to the gym in the video below. Not the sort of gym where you can win a badge, but one where you can get swole.

The trainer, again not that kind of trainer, doesn't appear to notice Piplup at first. However, shortly after that, the two of them start working out together. They kick things off with some squats and then move into a set of lunges. Piplup isn't exactly the most equipped Pokemon to perform these exercises, but perhaps that's the message Pokemon is trying to send. That anyone can do this short workout regardless of shape or size.

By the third and final exercise, Piplup has managed to work up quite a sweat. I dread to think how hot and sweaty the person inside the Piplup costume must be at this point. Hopefully, they have been allowed to take a break between sets and not forced to perform all three exercises in the space of three and a half minutes as the video implies.

As well as demonstrating the routine is one anybody can do, Piplup's inclusion is likely due to the ongoing promotion for Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The remakes launched last month and will be Pokemon's focus until Legends: Arceus arrives on January 28. As for Piplup, its quest to get buff isn't over yet. The video above is just the beginner's workout. Later this week Pokemon will post an intermediate version, and then an advanced one after that. Rest up little Piplup, the hard work is far from over.

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