PlayStation Now to eventually start streaming games at 1080p

Over the next several weeks, select regions will be able to download and play games via PlayStation Now at a 1080p resolution.

While PlayStation still lacks an exact equivalent to Xbox Game Pass, Sony seems to be trying to make the exclusive services it does have more appealing. For instance, they’re currently running a trial for a Video Pass for PlayStation Plus owners in Poland, that’s likely to lead to it being made available worldwide.

As for the PlayStation Now service, Sony has confirmed that subscribers will soon be able to enjoy streaming select games at a 1080p resolution. According to the announcement, this will be rolled out over the coming weeks across Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan.

PlayStation Now provides access to a range of not just PlayStation 4 games, but also PlayStation 2 and 3 titles, which can be streamed through the PlayStation 4 and 5, or PC.

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