PlayStation Owners Are Smarter Than Xbox Owners, According To New Study

A new study carried out by a team of psychologists discovered that PlayStation owners had a collective IQ higher than that of Xbox owners. The report, compiled by Royal Panda, claimed “PlayStation gamers were found to be cognitively superior to their Xbox playing counterparts.”

The study assessed the cognitive skills of 1,001 gamers, testing four key signs of intelligence – Verbal Intelligence, Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Visual Reasoning. Before taking these tests, participants were asked a series of questions about their gaming habits. These were then compared to their test scores to establish IQ levels for different consoles and individual video games.

PC gamers beat out all other platforms in the IQ tests, with mobile gamers coming in last. The full platform results are listed below:

  • PC (112.3 IQ)
  • PS4 (110.7 IQ)
  • Xbox (103.8 IQ)
  • Switch (101.3 IQ)
  • Mobile (99.4 IQ)

Over on the games side of the study, Rainbow Six Siege players were found to be the most intelligent. Clocking in with an IQ of 120.3, they narrowly beat out Among Us players with a score of 118.9. Here are the top five games with the smartest players, according to the study:

  • Rainbow Six Siege (120.3 IQ)
  • Among Us (118.9 IQ)
  • Minecraft (116.3 IQ)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (111.2 IQ)
  • FIFA (106.5 IQ)

Filling out the last two slots on the list are Candy Crush Saga (96.4 IQ) and Angry Birds (95.8 IQ).

While the study no doubt provides some interesting insights, there are a few key stats that are missing. The big omission is age – many of the lower ranking platforms and games cater to a younger audience, which may play a big role in their lower scores. For example, the mobile and Switch population tends to be younger than your average PC player.

The same goes for Angry Birds and Rainbow Six Siege – one is very much an adult-oriented title while the other is a simple casual game for all ages.

You can find the complete study on the official Royal Panda website.

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