PlayStation ‘PS5’ UK trademark registered by Sony – launch event may be imminent

The PlayStation ' PS5' hype is growing with every day that Sony fails to announce it's PlayStation meeting, widely expected to take place at some stage this February.

But today it appears as though the company has taken another step towards officially unveiling its new console, with a trademark filing in the UK for its new console with the Intellectual Property Office.

Though the games console is slated for a release later this year – pencilled in for 'Holiday 2020' – Sony has so far only given vague information about the upcoming hardware release.

Equally, the company has only announced one game to date (Godfall) for the new console, though it's believed work is already underway on sequels for Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and God of War.

Though less believable, several reports also indicate we might see returns for the likes of Ape Escape, The Order 1886 and possibly Syphon Filter.

Though there are many commentators, including veteran Sony developers, that are suggesting the console will see a full reveal at a special event in February 2020, Sony has yet to acknowledge the hardware's release date, price, launch line-up and even says there are more key hardware features to be revealed.

With this being said, reports emerging this morning indicate another big hint that we're going to get a grand unveiling of the console in February.

As noticed by LetsGoDigital, Sony Interactive Entertainment registered a trademark for the name "PS5" in Switzerland last week, but now the same patent application has been submitted in the United Kingdom.

The UK application was submitted under Class 9, a category includes game consoles as part of its segment. If you're wondering why a second patent application has been filed so recently after last week's patent, it's possible a consequence of Brexit.

"In the coming days, Sony will undoubtedly apply for the same trademark in a number of other countries, so that global protection can be guaranteed," writes

"This procedure was also followed seven years ago with the PS4, when there was also a little less than a month between the official introduction and the trademark application.

"Yesterday, January 31, 2020, the British officially left the EU, making the Brexit (finally) a fact. This will also have major consequences for companies. A free trade agreement will be negotiated in the coming months. Whatever the outcome, companies will now also have to submit separate trademark applications for the EU and the United Kingdom. This was also done for important products / brands, such as a PlayStation."

How much would you pay for the PS5?


The fact that Sony is registering for trademarks like this suggests that we're very close to a proper unveiling of the machine, and adds fuel to all those 'February reveal' theories we've seen so far.

As highlighted by Letsgodigital, it would suggest that a full unveiling could occur within a month's time.

There were previous reports of a PlayStation event taking place on 5th February, but these appear to be very wide of the mark.

Short of Sony holding a special State of Play announcement online, we can't forsee the news from Sony coming for another couple of weeks.

For reference, seven years ago Sony sent out invites to select media on 31st January 2013, ahead of a PlayStation meeting planned to take place in New York City on 20th February.

We would certainly keep your ears to the ground in the coming weeks, because its possible there's going to be a lot more rumours, leaks and potentially some fairly solid intel on the console price, release date and so much more.

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