PlayStation Stars lets you earn as you play – Here’s how to sign up

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Sony’s brand new PlayStation Stars reward scheme has finally made its way to the UK and Europe. The recently announced PlayStation Stars reward scheme lets subscribers earn digital items and collectibles for the PlayStation app, as well as money off future PS Store purchases. And the good news is that signing up is as simple as visiting the PlayStation Stars website and opting in. Full instructions can be found below.

First things first, visit the PlayStation Stars website and sign into your account. Then head down to ‘How to join PlayStation Stars’ section of the website and select ‘Sign Up’.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions you are now part of the PlayStation Stars reward scheme and can start earning rewards.

The best way to keep track of your progress is to download the companion app for iOS or Android.

The PlayStation Stars section of the app shows your level and campaign progress, unlockable rewards and collectibles.

Completing campaigns earns either digital items or points that can be used to purchase games and PlayStation Store credit.

For example, if you complete the ‘October Check-in’ campaign you’ll unlock a mini tyrannosaurus rex statue from the PSOne T.rex tech demo.

All you’ve got to unlock the reward is to play any PS4 or PS5 game during the month of October.

If you want to earn points to put towards future purchases, then you’ll have to look out for the campaigns offering coin rewards.

The ‘PlayStation Store Picks’ campaign rewards users with 50 points for purchasing a select game that launched in October. This includes FIFA 23, The Last of Us Part 1, NBA 2K23, Inscryption, Tunic or Valkyrie Elysium. 

You can also earn rewards by levelling up your profile. To get past Level One, you need only make a game purchase and earn a rare trophy.

You can use the points to purchase games and credit, although you’ll need to earn quite a few to make it worthwhile.

A copy of Sekiro, for example, will set you back 15,000 coins, while Hades costs 6,250. £20 of Store credit is available for 5,000 coins, while £5 of credit costs 1,250.

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