PlayStation Trophies Getting Overhauled Ahead Of PS5 Release

Sony is introducing a few changes to its Trophy system, just ahead of the PS5 launch. These changes will be reflected in your current Trophies, which will carry into the next generation.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the Trophy level is getting a big boost. Currently Trophy leels range from 1-100, but following the update it will be 1-999. The greater range means that once the update goes live, your current level will be automatically converted to an equivalent place in the new level rating. For example, Sony says, if your current level is 12 it will be converted to the low 200s.

This also comes with a reworked Trophy calculation structure that is aimed at being more rewarding, letting you progress through stages more quickly at the start and consistently throughout. The Trophy level icons are also getting a revamp that will be reflected on PS5 at launch, and on the PlayStation App with a later update.

Sony notes that this won’t impact previously earned Trophies, and no Trophy requirements are being changed with this update. The update will be available mid-week throughout North America and Europe.

Unlike Trophies, your saved games may or may not come with you to PS5. The PS5 does have a solid slate of new games coming, which you can preorder now. Meanwhile the console remains difficult to find for preorder, but keep an eye on our PS5 preorder guide for updates.

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