Pokemon Crystal Speedrun Ends In An Apology To Bulbasaur

Awesome Games Done Quick is underway right now and features some of the world's most talented speedrunners racing through a variety of games, all for charity. In fact, this year's event has already raised $1 million and is on track to beat the $3.13 million record set in 2020. Mega Man 2 and Sonic Adventure DX have already taken center stage. However, the highlight of AGDQ 2022 so far might well be the race to finish Pokemon Crystal.

Speedrunners 360chrism, keizaron, and shenanagans were all trying to beat Crystal as quickly as possible with the added hurdle of having the game's key items randomized. That means you might get the bike instead of the fishing rod, or the rod instead of your S. S. Ticket, and so on. About two-thirds of the way through, shenanagans started bad-mouthing Bulbasaur and then made a pretty bold promise.

The speedrunner said if AGDQ donations surpassed $900k during the Crystal stream, they would write an apology for what was said about Bulbasaur. keiazron would go on to win the race shortly after that followed by 360chrism less than five minutes later. Then it happened. Before shenanagans could finish their run, AGDQ's 2022 total soared past $900k meaning they would have to apologize to the gen one starter they so cruelly besmirched.

Shenanagans didn't hang around either. The speedrunner took to Twitter and wrote a heartfelt apology to Bulbasaur for the world to see. “I humbly apologize for the misguided and completely baseless claims that you are 'bad'”, the apology reads. “I've come to realize that you are an amazing Pokemon and I'm truly sorry for my attitude for the last 7 years.”

It's been a busy time for Pokemon speedrunners. Those with an intimate knowledge of Diamond & Pearl were given an all-new chance to put their skills to the test when Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl launched in November. The games were so buggy on release day that speedrunners quickly set record after record, eventually managing to finish the games in less than 20 minutes.

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