Pokemon Fans Aren’t Happy About Sprigatito’s Final Evolution

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is officially out in the wild. Many of you will have picked your starter and begun your open world journey around Paldea. If you did that without discovering what the starters will evolve into as you progress, you may well be kicking yourself for picking Sprigatito after reading this.

Game Freak kicked off the hype for Scarlet & Violet months ago by revealing its three starter Pokemon. As is customary, trainers have a grass, water, or fire-type to choose from. Sprigatito, Quaxley, and Fuecoco. What isn't the norm is the grass-type being the most popular, but according to a survey ahead of the games' launch, Sprigatito appears to be the Pokemon most trainers will have picked.

Show people a cute little green cat that will follow them on their new journey, and you're going to be onto a winner. That starts to unravel when those trainers get a first look at what exactly Sprigatito becomes. The grass cat evolves into Floragato, and then finally Meowscarada. As you can see below, Pokemon fans aren't all that enamored with the final evolution, questioning why Pokemon's cute little cats always rise up onto their hind legs when they evolve.

It's a common occurrence when it comes to cute Pokemon that begin life on all fours, a trend that is made even more surprising when you consider Meowth, the original cat Pokemon, did the exact opposite. Replies to the tweet above reveal trainers would much prefer more Persian-like cat Pokemon. That Sprigatito should have evolved into something more like a big jungle cat than a cat crossed with a human being.

There's nothing you can do about it now if you hate Mewoscarada's look other than pick a different starter. Images of Fuecoco's evolved form leaked prior to Scarlet & Violet's launch too, generating similar reactions to the ones above. Despite Sprogatito winning the fan vote, it seems the real winner when it comes to the gen nine starters once all is said and done will be Quaxley.

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