Pokemon Go Accidentally Reveals Sylveon’s Evolution Name

Looks like Pokemon Go is adding Eevee’s Sylveon evolution to the game a lot sooner than fans expected. A few players have stumbled upon a bug within the Pokemon-catching game that seems to confirm Sylveon’s appearance and shows which name will be used to make the evolution possible.

With so many paths of evolution, Eevee has long been a fan-favorite amongst Pokemon lovers. However, one path of Eevee’s evolution has been noticeably absent from Pokemon Go; Sylveon. This evolution, added in generation six, has been highly-anticipated by players but Niantic remained tight-lipped on when to expect the Fairy-type Pokemon in game. Then last month a unique loading screen within the game seemed to tease the Pokemon’s arrival by showing a silhouette that looks oddly like Sylveon.

Of course, Niantic has yet to confirm anything on the Pokemon’s appearance, but a new bug in the game seems to do just that. Reddit user “hugomagice1017” posted a thread that shows off something they stumbled on while playing the game. They were offered the option to evolve Eevee into Sylveon. However, when they tried to do just that, they were given a “Network Error” and were unable to complete the evolution. Seems this ability is not meant to be in the game just yet, but it does confirm that Sylveon is on the way.

The glitch also seems to confirm that the naming system to get Sylveon will be “Kira”. One of the fun things about Pokemon Go and Eevee’s evolution system is that certain names will trigger certain types of evolutions. Since Eevee can evolve into multiple different Pokemon, the naming system helps players choose exactly which one they want to evolve into. For example, to evolve Eevee into the Ice Pokemon Glaceon, fans must name their Eevee “Rea” to ensure it evolves into that Pokemon. Once the evolution has occurred, then the name can be changed to anything the player wishes.

Once Sylveon finally makes their appearance in-game, then every known evolution of Eevee will finally be available in Pokemon Go. With so many different types of evolutions, Eevee is definitely a Pokemon that is hard to argue against!

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