Pokemon Go Halloween 2019 event release date, launch time, bonuses and rewards REVEALED

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced plans to hold a Halloween event for 2019.

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, Niantic will kickstart the celebration early with an in-game Pokemon Go event.

The Pokemon Go Halloween 2019 event has an October 17 release date on iOS and Android. The event has a 1pm PDT start time in the US, which means UK fans will have to wait until 9pm BST to play.

And there’s plenty of time to take advantage of all the rewards, because the event runs until the evening of November 1.

Speaking of rewards and bonuses, fans can expect to encounter even more Shadow Pokemon at PokeStops infiltrated by Team GO Rocket.

This includes Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lapras, Mareep, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Sableye, Trapinch, Cacnea, Shuppet, and Duskull.

Other bonuses include a new shiny Pokemon, new costumes and a brand new spooky Raid boss.

Niantic explains more: “Play dreadful dress-up with new avatar items, including a Zubat Bag, a Pikachu Onesie, a Cubone Cap, a Litwick Cap, and a Mimikyu Bag!

“If you’re lucky, you might encounter Shiny Yamask.”

Needless to say, lots of Halloween-themed and costumed Pokemon will appear in Raids, Eggs and in the wild.

“Some Pokemon have donned costumes to celebrate Halloween this year!” Niantic continues. “Look forward to Bulbasaur wearing Shedinja costumes, Charmander wearing Cubone costumes, and Squirtle wearing Yamask costumes in raids.

“In the wild, be on the lookout for Pikachu wearing Mimikyu costumes! If you’re lucky, you might even encounter these alarmingly adorable Pokemon as Shiny Pokemon!”

But arguably the biggest news of all is that Darkrai will appear in five-star Raids. 

There’s even something for fans of the game’s Field Research tasks: “Frightful and fun Field Research tasks will be available for a limited time during this event. Check out your Special Research when the Halloween event begins, Trainer, and you might face a Forbidden Pokemon…”

If all of that wasn’t enough, Niantic will reward players with double catch candy, double hatch candy and double transfer candy.

Once the Halloween event comes to an end, fans can expect a Pokemon Go crossover with the upcoming Sword and Shield games.

Based on data discovered within the Pokemon Go game files, Galarian variations of existing Pokemon will soon begin to appear in Pokemon Go.

This means that at the very least, Pokemon Go fans can expect to encounter Galarian Weezing, Galarian Zigzagoon and Galarian Linoone.

It’s unclear when the crossover will take place, but it’s likely to happen closer to Sword and Shield’s November 15 launch.

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