Pokemon Go: Xurkitree Raid Guide

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Pokemon Go Raids prove to be one of the most popular features in their game; difficult PvE battles where you team up with other players to fight against extremely powerful Pokemon. This feature is also used to introduce new Pokemon to the game — this Season used to debut several Ultra Beasts for the first time.

Xurkitree falls into this category, one of many Ultra Beasts brought to Pokemon Go in the form of a Five-Star Raid Pokemon. Below you can find everything you need to know about this Ultra Beast, including its specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as Xurkitree's top counter picks.

Recommended Group Size

Like other Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go, Xurkitree can only be found in Five-Star Raids, one of the most challenging PvE encounters currently in the game. However, this Raid Pokemon proves to be less difficult than others of the same tier, allowing you to successfully complete it with fewer players.

You should be able to comfortably defeat Xurkitree with a group of two to four players. This is assuming that all members of your Raid team are using strong Xurkitree counters, so make sure to take on this Raid with more players if this is not the case.

Xurkitree: Strengths And Weaknesses

Being strictly an Electric-type Ultra Beast, Xurkitree's strengths and weaknesses are relatively straightforward compared to those with a dual-typing. Xurkitree only has a few weaknesses, being resistant to Flying, Steel, and Electric-type Pokemon and attacks. Avoid using these types of attacks when possible, as they will deal significantly less damage than those of other types.

Xurkitree only has one weakness in battle, only being weak to Ground-type attacks. To ensure that you and your group are successful, make sure that you are using strong Pokemon with Ground-type attacks for this particular Raid.

To ensure that you are dealing as much damage as possible, you will want to deal STAB damage when possible, also known as Same Type Attack Bonus.

This will occur when you attack using moves that match the type of the Pokemon that is attacking.

Xurkitree: Best Counter Picks

As mentioned previously, Xurkitree is vulnerable to Ground-type attacks, so make sure that you are using a Raid Team composed of solely this type if possible. We have put together a list of the best Ground-type Xurkitree counters below, accompanied by each of their recommended move sets.

Although you will find the most success against Xurkitree when battling with the Pokemon provided below, you should still have a good chance of winning with other Ground-types.

Ground-Type Counter Picks
PokemonRecommended Moves
Landorus (Therian Forme)Fast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earthquake
GarchompFast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earth Power
Shadow MamoswineFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: Bulldoze
ExcadrillFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: Drill Run
RhyperiorFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: Earthquake
GroudonFast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earthquake
LandorusFast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earth Power
Shadow UrsalunaFast Attack: Tackle
Charged Attack: High Horsepower
KrookodileFast Attack: Mud-Slap
Charged Attack: Earthquake
Shadow NidokingFast Attack: Fury Cutter
Charged Attack: Earth Power

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