Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Get Hisuian Zorua And Zoroark

The journey across the region of Hisui has barely started in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, bringing new mysteries and challenges for you to experience, along with regional versions of classic pokemon, each one having new types, moves, and some of them even having a different appearance. One of these many twists on classic pokemon comes in the form of Hisuian Zorua.

This new take on the beloved fox that released back in Pokemon Black and White now sports a Normal/Ghost type and access to different attacks, which is also the same for its evolution Zoroark. From where to find it to how to evolve it, here's everything you need to know about Hisuian Zorua.

How To Get Hisuian Zorua

To obtain a Hisuian Zorua, you must travel into an underground cave in the Bonechill Wastes of the Alabaster Icelands area. This regional twist on the beloved mischievous fox will have a new Normal/Ghost typing, with access to moves like Shadow Sneak, Nasty Plot, or the new move Bitter Malice, a Ghost-Type attack of 60 base power with 100 percent accuracy that will hit double the damage if the user is affected by any Status Condition.

How To Get Hisuian Zoroark

Once you obtain your Hisuian Zorua, you must put it in your team and level it up to 30 at night. It doesn't matter how you level this pokemon or which moves does it know, as long as it's nighttime when you do, and if you did it correctly, you should end up having a new Hisuian Zoroark to use on your team!

Alternatively, an already evolved Alpha Zoroark can also be found as you progress to the later stages of the game's main story, more specifically during the Lake Acuity trial. When you get inside the cave to clear the trial, this Normal/Ghost pokemon will be waiting for you totally ready to fight, and you must keep in mind that it can be a hard one to beat, so prepare your team accordingly by having Dark-type pokemon on your team to effectively deal with it.

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