Pokemon Legends: Arceus – The 6 Best Fire-Type Pokemon

It's important to have a solid rotation of reliable pals in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Hisui is a dangerous place, far more so than the "civilized" regions that fans are more familiar with. Everything's coming up roses one minute, but alert an Alpha Pokemon, or venture into a space-time distortion, and survival suddenly hinges on maintaining a diverse team capable of handling an equally diverse number of rough circumstances.

While it can be argued that all 18 elemental types in the Pokemon franchise are good in their own ways — absolutely, sure — some types will inevitably outrank others within the context of a specific game. In Legends: Arceus, Fire has its fair share of uses. Like most types, this is more apparent in some regions than others; the nice thing about Fire in particular, however, is that it's such a sterling choice in the overall highest-leveled zone, the Alabaster Icelands.

But whether you're braving the snow or just traipsing through a forest full of Grass-types, or maybe you just want something strong to bludgeon your rival's poor Pikachu, you'll want to know the best Fire-types in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. That's where we come in.

6 Rapidash

Special Attack80
Special Defense80

Rapidash is the first Alpha Pokemon that many players bump into. Whether Legends: Arceus is your first game in the series or you've been around since the very beginning, the sheer size of this flaming horse is a showstopper. Maybe you've watched the previews, maybe you haven't, but there's no replacement for the moment it hits you that this thing could trample an Indian elephant and get away with it.

Mostly, Rapidash is a passable Pokemon with a respectable enough Speed stat to see where Game Freak's coming from with the whole etymology thing. Its move pool isn't the best, and its defensive treats leave a lot to be desired. But grind it out a bit and catch this Alpha Rapidash, whose stats will be an improvement upon the conventional listings we've listed. Stomp as desired.

5 Magmortar

Special Attack125
Special Defense95

The purely Fire-type Magmortar is a great addition to your team if you want something no-frills specializing in Special Attack. None of its other stats are worth writing home about, though a 95 to Attack and Special Defense means it can dole out a modestly successful physical-based move like Thunder Punch for reliable coverage.

Your earliest opportunity to obtain Magmortar comes with the appearance of Magmar at Firespit Island, a location within the Cobalt Coastlands region. This puts it a bit further behind some other options, but the Magmarizer necessary for Magmar's evolution can immediately be acquired in exchange for 1,400 Merit Points or (if you're lucky) dug-up by the industrious Ursaluna.

4 Hisuian Typhlosion

Special Attack119
Special Defense85

A bit slower than its original Johto counterpart, but a bit stronger as well, Hisuian Typhlosion has been the subject of some chuckle-worthy memes for how completely chill and unfazed — dare we say stoned — it looks outside of battle. But when those purples flames begin to burn, and Legends: Arceus' impressive Flamethrower move animation burns through the wings of Mothims like paper, it is as if that stoner vibe was never there at all.

Fire/Ghost is a fascinating type combination that gives Hisuian Typhlosion a couple of complete resistances in Normal- and Fighting-type attacks at the cost of a couple more weaknesses than its Johto brethren. Both Fire and Ghost have some spiffy special-based moves to their names, so you can feel free to ignore the mediocre Attack stat and still get solid value from your starter.

3 Infernape

Special Attack104
Special Defense78

A starter choice in Diamond & Pearl and their recent remakes, Infernape represents the Sinnoh that Hisui will soon become. It's a fierce fighter that doubles as a physical and special sweeper, with a Speed stat designed to support it. As is somewhat commonplace with Fire-types, Infernape's defensive stats take a hit for it, but it's probably the best Fire/Fighting starting Pokemon out of the (now-infamous) three straight generations of it.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Infernape is designed as the perfect Typhlosion stand-in if you've gone with Grass-type Rowlet or Water-type Oshawott instead. You can snag a Chimchar a mere hour or so into the game, a tad northeast of Deertrack Heights in the Obsidian Fieldlands. It doesn't have quite the same novelty as unleashing a brand-new Legends riff on a second-generation classic, but you've got Hisuian Decidueye or Samurott for that.

2 Heatran

Special Attack130
Special Defense106

Heatran is the most defensively powerful Fire-type Pokemon in Legends: Arceus, full stop. With nine resistances and even an immunity, offset by a mere three weaknesses, one would be forgiven for thinking its HP, Defense, and Special Defense would be somewhat low to balance things out. But Heatran is classified as a Legendary Pokemon, so it gets to play by its own rules. And since Legends: Arceus is a purely single-player experience, you'll never be told you can't use it, either.

Heck, Heatran's best stat doesn't even play into its tank-like virtues. With a sky-high 130 Special Attack, you can equip it with moves like Fire Blast and frighten even the most powerful Alphas into submission. The only problem, of course, is that you can't actually catch Heatran until so far into the game that you won't reap the rewards until the last few postgame story missions.

1 Hisuian Arcanine

Special Attack95
Special Defense80

Statistically speaking, Hisuian Arcanine is the closest Fire-type Pokemon that players can get to Heatran for a not-inconsiderable number of hours. While none of its stats scream "winner," the layout makes Hisuian Arcanine a great all-rounder focused most thoroughly on Attack. Flare Blitz is an excellent match for that, but more importantly, you can teach this hot pup Rock Slide. Just like that, one of Legends: Arceus' trademark new forms can bring down most of its Fire-type peers.

Completing Research Tasks means you'll want to catch a Hisuian Growlithe at the Cobalt Coastlands regardless, but there's plenty of reason to make this one of your absolute mainstays in the battles to come.

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