Pokemon Let’s Go: Where To Find Moonstones

In the Pokemon universe, there are various ways to evolve your Pokemon – some are particularly bizarre and require players to turn their consoles upside-down. One of the most common methods for Pokemon to evolve however is giving them specific stones, these evolutionary stones will then interact with them on a level that will cause this reaction and change them.

The Moon Stone item is one of the stones you'll have to collect to evolve certain Pokemon such as Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Nidorino, and Nidorina.

You can find Clefable in the wild on Mt. Stone and you can catch Nidoking and Nidoqueen on Route 23. These are alternatives to farming Moon Stones to evolve these Pokemon and if your only purpose is to fill your Pokedex. Wigglytuff is the only Pokemon that requires you to get your hands on a Moon Stone if you want it in your Pokedex as there is no other way to evolve it or to find it in the wild.

Head Over To Mt. Moon

The best location to get yourself some Moon Stones is to head down to Mt. Moon. Head to the Pokemon Center on Route 4 and then turn right to enter the tunnel that will lead you to Mt. Moon. A good indicator of whether or not you're going to find a Moon Stone is to look at Pikachu or Eevee's tail. This mechanic replaced the Itemfinder present in previous games, a machine that would detect nearby hidden items.

There are a few craters in the cave and if you see your Pokemon's tail wag faster near one of them, press A to check what's in it. There are two Moon Stone spawn locations in Mt. Stone that respawn daily. Here's where you can find them:

First Moon Stone Location

Head into the cave, then turn right and go up. Then, go right once again and down the staircase. Go down the straight corridor and then turn left and go down to the next level of the cave. Ignore the first crater with the Team Rocket member standing on it and keep going forward. The Moon Stone is on the second crater in that same room.

Second Moon Stone Location

After collecting the first Moon Stone, go back up all the staircases until you've reached the ground floor. Then, turn right and then go north and turn left. Walk forward, take another left turn and then go down the staircase. Descend through the staircase in the next room. Interact with the crater in the middle of the room to collect the Moon Stone.

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