Pokemon Players Are Roasting Scarlet & Violet’s Sandwich-Eating Animation

Pokemon players are roasting Scarlet & Violet's sandwich-eating animation, comparing it to the infamous Twinkle Tackle move from Pokemon Sun & Moon.

After what feels like barely a minute since Pokemon Legends: Arceus, today marks the launch day for Scarlet & Violet. Although this should be a happy occasion for Pokemon fans, the particularly rough launch of Gen 9 has meant that it's mostly been spent pointing out all the weird bugs and glitches that players have been running into.

Alongside pointing out all the glitches, Pokemon players have also been a bit more critical about some of Scarlet & Violet's problems, such as its rigid animations. The most infamous example of this to come so far is the animation that plays when eating a sandwich. Whereas Sword & Shield let players make curry with their 'mons, Scarlet & Violet instead has you making different sandwiches that will affect the player in different ways.

When the sandwich-making mechanic was shown off just a few months ago, it was picked out as one of the more interesting changes to the formula, seemingly being a bit more hands-on than the curry-crafting mechanic from the previous Gen. Even if that's still the case, that hasn't stopped players from roasting the animation that plays when trainers eat their sandwich.

As showcased by Twitter user Starjeti, the eating animation is pretty basic, especially when it's for a game in the highest-earning media franchise of all time. It starts by showing an image of the sandwich, before the player bites down the air in front of it while their Pokemon look around blankly waiting for the reaction. Without any damage to the sandwich at all and no swallowing from the trainer, they then make a vague expression depending on the taste, while the Pokemon do the same thing.

It's a far cry from the curry-eating animations from Sword & Shield, which were vibrant and full of personality, albeit with no curry on the actual spoon. Pokemon players have been quick to roast the sequence, with the original sharer of the clip saying, "This is the tackiest animation I have ever seen… The way they didn't want to animate chewing so they made the trainer vibrate offscreen".

Other Pokemon fans were quick to compare it to Twinkle Tackle, an infamous move from Sun & Moon that often gets referenced when talking about bad Pokemon animations. Other less-than-complimentary comparisons include a scene from SpongeBob where Plankton pretends to eat chum by putting it behind his head, and a scene from Xenoblade Chronicles where Shulk eats by placing something in his mouth over and over again. It's certainly no Yakuza bread-eating scene, huh?

It's a big shame when you consider the work that's clearly gone into the rest of Scarlet & Violet's animations. Twitter user Yisuno pointed out a number of instances where the animations had been vastly improved compared to previous games, so it's a shame that hasn't carried through for all of the game.

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