Pokemon Reveals First Look At Scarlet & Violet’s Grafaiai

Pokemon has been teasing the reveal of the newest addition to its almost 1000-strong Pokedex all week long. That new Pokemon has now been shown off for the very first time and turns out it isn't an alternate or evolved form of Smeargle at all. Well, at least that doesn't appear to be the case.

The name of the Pokemon, as well as a very fleeting look at its silhouette, was revealed to be Grafaiai earlier in the week. Its name coupled with the markings it had been leaving on trees and rocks around Paldea suggested it would be something inspired by an aye-aye that had the ability to spray graffiti. Turns out trainers who assumed that were pretty accurate on both parts.

As revealed at the end of the clip below, caught by a Paldean photographer, Grafaiai is clearly supposed to look like an aye-aye. The graffiti part is also pretty accurate as not only does the new Pokemon paint pretty patterns wherever it resides, it does so to mark its territory. In fact, the Grafaiai caught on camera is painting other another Grafaiai's artwork in order to claim its territory.

The patterns you'll find wherever there are Grafaiai to be caught in Scarlet & Violet also aren't entirely random. Also highlighted in the video is the fact the Pokemon's color palette appears to have been inspired by the berries it had just eaten. They're easily startled though, and the cuteness the new Pokemon exudes is quickly wiped away when it bows up to the camera and sneezes paint onto the lens.

Theories as to what exactly Grafaiai would look like and how it might be connected to other Pokemon have been running rampant all week. As touched on above, the ability to paint had many trainers believing it would be a Paldean form of Smeargle, or perhaps even an evolved form of the gen two Pokemon. That's still a possibility, but the Pokemon don't look alike at all making it an unlikely connection.

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