Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Is Breaking Sales Records Via Pre-Orders Alone

Just in case you're new to video games, or pop-culture in general, Pokemon is perhaps the biggest entertainment IP in the world. It transcends video games, and has made a mark in almost every form of entertainment you can think of. Yes, every form. Considering this, it's not surprising when sales numbers for its video games skyrocket. However, breaking records before launch, even for Pokemon, is quite a feat.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will bring the next generation of Pokemon to the world, and it seems that the world just can't wait. Twitter account Pierre485 often shares sales related data, and according to data gathered by them, Scarlet & Violet has already surpassed 1,200 pre-orders at COMG, a retail chain based in the Niigata prefecture of Japan (thanks, NintendoLife). While that's already a record on its own, 1,200 may seem like a small number – but remember, this is one retail chain in one prefecture. The total pre-order numbers you can extrapolate from this is surely through the roof.

That's not all – the data also reveals that Scarlet & Violet has already surpassed the first three days sales figures of any Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch, while still being ten days away from launch. Again, this is with regard to the COMG retail chain only, but the numbers that can be projected based on this information are sure to break records.

And what's causing such a massive wave of anticipation for Scarlet & Violet? A new generation of Pokemon, of course. The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have been playing it pretty smart with the marketing of the new title. Only yesterday, a new 'mon was finally revealed after it appeared in a trailer for Scarlet & Violet as well as in Pokemon Go.

The little guy's name is Gimmighoul, and is in fact a Ghost-type Pokemon, rather than Bug-type which many fans theorized. It has two forms, Chest and Roaming – the former puts it in a treasure chest of sorts, from where they can surprise and attack unsuspecting foes. Essentially, it's a Mimic. The Roaming form is just the 'mon itself, without the chest, and may also be a different type.

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