Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Victory Road Cascarrafa Town Walkthrough

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet puts you on a new journey through the region of Paldea, in a quest to obtain every single Gym Badge and become a Pokemon Champion. On this adventure you will cross paths with your passionate rival Nemona, as you travel to different places and challenge powerful foes.

As part of the Victory Road Main Quest, you will head to Cascarrafa Town and meet the chef Kofu, a nice and carefree person that will also absolutely destroy you in battle as the Gym Leader of this Town. Here's everything you need to know about it.

How To Get To Cascarrafa Town

To get to Cascarrafa Town, the easiest way is to exit Cortondo and head to the West Province, following the main road for a good while until you reach the south side of Asado Desert. Keep going a bit more to the east, until you reach one of the various Star Team training grounds, and defeat the Dark-type Boss Giacomo to be able to access Cascarrafa.

Cascarrafa Town Gym Test

Get into the Gym building and talk with the officer inside to start your Gym Test. This time, however, the distracted Gym Leader will forget his wallet in the Gym and leave for an auction, making you walk through Asado Desert until you reach Porto Marinada to give him his belongings, before the auction occurs. Once you reach Kofu, one of his staff members will challenge you to a battle. Dispatch him quickly and talk to Kofu, so the test can begin

Kofu will give you a certain sum of money and you have to successfully bid in the auction for some rare cooking materials. Pay attention to Kofu's instructions, because if you play your cards right you can keep any amount of money left after you successfully buy the item.

Cascarrafa Town Gym Leader: Kofu

Once you finish the Gym Test you will be able to challenge Gym Leader Kofu, The Surging Chef. He will use a team of Water-type pokemon, beginning with Veluza and Wugtrio, and then throwing a Water-type terastallized Crabominable at you. Keep in mind that these pokemon are mostly weak to Electric and Grass-type attacks like Spark or Razor Leaf, so you should bring a Pawmo, Floragato, or Dolliv.

That being said, while Crabominable gaining Water-Type can be beneficial for your team Grass-type pokemon will be in a really tight place if this pokemon outspeeds them, so be sure to also have pokemon like Charcadier, Crocalor, or Tinkatuff (which you can catch in Asado Desert) to deal with it in case of emergency. Persist and you should win this Gym Badge in no time!

Crabominable30Fighting/Ice (Tera Type Water)

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