Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Fighting-Types

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring a new region for you to explore. With this new region comes new monsters to catch. As you explore every corner of Paldea, you'll find all sorts of interesting creatures to add to your team on top of some familiar faces.

All types get fantastic new Pokemon, and that holds true for fighting types as well. These physical attackers can deal a lot of damage with high attack and speed stats. The new games have completely original fighting-types, familiar faces, and new evolutions for favorites. If you're a fighting-type fan, then Scarlet and Violet have plenty of options for you.

10/10 Quaquaval

The final starter evolutions have proven hit or miss with the fans, but there's no denying that they're very effective in combat. This holds true for Quaquaval: Quaxly's final evolution. This water/fighting type boasts great stats on top of a unique design inspired by a peacock. With its additional water typing, Quaquaval boasts additional type coverage as well as a move pool that will give you special attack options. Many players will likely be using this Pokemon as it is one of the best water types in the game, but with the added bonus of physical attacks, it's much more enticing.

9/10 Lucario

It's no surprise that one of the most iconic Pokemon didn't get cut in Scarlet and Violet. Lucario was introduced in Gen IV as a fighting/steel type and has appeared in every subsequent generation since (as well as its own spot on the roster of Super Smash Bros). Riolu isn't a difficult Pokemon to find, which makes Lucario an easy choice if you're looking for a hard-hitting physical attacker. With powerful moves, strong stats, and its trademark Aura Sphere at its disposal, it's easy to see why Lucario remains a recurring monster in the series.

8/10 Flamigo

Flamigo is one of the first new Pokemon you see in Scarlet and Violet. While it doesn't look like much more than a cartoonish flamingo, it has some unique tricks that make it stand out. While most would assume that a flamingo Pokemon would be water/flying, Flamigo is actually flying/fighting. This means that this bird has access to physical attacks from both types that can make it useful even late game. While it doesn't have the awesome stats as some of the other new Pokemon, its ability to learn Brave Bird still makes it worth a spot on your team.

7/10 Iron Hands

Hariyama is a physical tank. It can take a lot of hits while dishing out a fair bit of damage on its own. It goes without saying, then, that its new form in Scarlet and Violet makes it even stronger. Iron Hands is the Violet-exclusive form of Hariyama. It adds the electric typing and buffs all of its stats with no downsides. This means that fans of Hariyama can add Iron Hands to their team for an even stronger member. Like many of Violet's paradox Pokemon, Iron Hands also sports a new, futuristic design that makes it one of the more unique-looking Pokemon to date.

6/10 Great Tusk

As one of four elephant Pokemon, Donphan hasn't quite had its due. It was outshone by Copperajah in Sword and Shield, but Scarlet and Violet came out to restore balance. Great Tusk is Scarlet's exclusive form for Donphan. On top of an impressive prehistoric design, Great Tusk also gains the fighting type on top of several key stat boosts.

It's much faster, has more HP, and gains several useful attacks to shake up even the trickiest of battles. Great Tusk's greatest battle capabilities don't shine until the post game, but that means those final few battles will be much easier with it on your team.

5/10 Slither Wing

While most new forms in Scarlet and Violet are straight upgrades from the originals, Slither Wing is more of a different style to Volcarona. What was once a bug/fire type turns into a bug/fighting type. Furthermore, while Volcarona was a much more useful special attacker, Slither Wing is pointed toward physical attacks instead. Thankfully, its move pool is adjusted to compensate for this change, offering heavy hitting attacks that can help you bring down even the toughest of late-game foes. The bug typing also makes it useful against psychic types, which would normally steamroll a fighting type.

4/10 Iron Valiant

While some of the version exclusive designs in Pokemon Violet have seen mixed reception, it's hard to deny how cool Gallade's new form looks. Iron Valiant is Gallade's paradox form, switching from psychic/fighting to fairy/fighting.

This time around, Iron Valiant is more focused on dealing heavy damage before your opponent can respond. It lacks in defense, but it has the attack and move pool to compensate. When placing this futuristic warrior on your team, be prepared to hit hard and fast.

3/10 Pawmot

Every generation has its own Pikachu clone, but Scarlet and Violet's is more unique because it actually evolves. Once you catch a Pawmi and evolve it twice, you'll be rewarded with Pawmot: an electric/fighting type. For those who are playing on Scarlet, and thus don't have access to Iron Hands, Pawmot is a more than worthy alternative to place on your team. It has great speed and attack, meaning it will likely have the first move in any given battle. It also learns a unique attack that no other Pokemon can learn, giving it an edge over other fighting types in the game.

2/10 Annihilape

Primeape is a Pokemon that has gone long overlooked. It's an underwhelming Pokemon that doesn't have the stats to make it viable in combat. However, that all changed in Scarlet and Violet. Primeape now has an evolution in the form of Annihilape.

Because its rage grew so great, it transcended a physical form, leading to this menacing fighting/ghost type. Annihilape also hits like a truck, being true to its name. Boasting the move Rage Fist, it can also deal more damage the more hits it takes in battle. As long as it stays in the fight, Annihilape only becomes stronger.

1/10 Koraidon

It's hard to imagine a box legendary being anything but useful in battle, and that holds true for Koraidon, Pokemon Scarlet's box legendary. While you spend most of the game riding Koraidon through Paldea and buffing its abilities via Herba Mystica, you can eventually add it to your team in the endgame. Needless to say, the wait is worth it. Being a fighting/dragon type, Koraidon has few weakness and many more strengths. Having a physical attacker with Dragon Claw and Close Combat is sure to send your opponents reeling.

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