Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 8 Best Side Characters In The Game

Even though Pokemon is a series about catching and training lovable monsters, it always manages to deliver a fresh batch of characters with each new installment. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is no exception, and its engaging story is made even better with a memorable cast. As you journey through Paldea, you will meet many characters who each have their own unique motivations for pursuing their goals.

As it is with most Pokemon games, you are a silent protagonist with few dialogue options. This means that the strength of the story is largely left to the nuance of the side characters. Despite its name, Pokemon is a series that’s just as much about the characters as the Pokemon who inhabit its world.

8/8 Nemona

Nemona is your enthusiastic rival throughout the course of the game, and is always there to offer guidance as you work towards becoming a Champion. Unlike past games, Nemona is a rival that has already achieved Champion rank before the events of the game. Her goal is to cultivate your skills as a trainer so that you will one day challenge her as an equal.

Nemona has a fun personality, and is a great guide for new trainers. Her role as the youngest Champion in Paldea makes her well-respected among those in the Pokemon League.

7/8 Director Clavell

Director Clavell is the eccentric head of the Academy. He is one of the first characters you encounter, and provides your first Pokemon partner to choose from. Naturally for someone in his position, Clavell seems to have a by-the-book personality.

However, early on in the story against the delinquent Team Star, he reveals his pompadour-sporting alter ego Clive. This allows him to support you as you find the truth behind Team Star and their mysterious leader.

Unlike past games, Clavell is a mentor character who is not considered a Pokemon professor. Depending on the version you chose, Clavell either has an orange suit in Scarlet, or a blue suit in Violet.

6/8 Arven

Arven is a devoted explorer and chef who is always on the hunt for the rare Herba Mystica. He is a fellow student at the Academy, and is a big fan of outdoor picnics. Arven is initially wary of others, and doesn’t open up about his personal life.

However, as the story progresses, Arven eventually builds a friendship with you and reveals his troubled past. His goal to collect all the Herba Mystica is one of three main story paths that you’re presented with at the beginning of the game.

As you explore the world and encounter the Titan Pokemon guarding Herba Mystica plants, Arven will be with you every step of the way.

5/8 Penny

Penny is your classmate at the Academy who is notable for her multi-colored hair and fluffy Eevee backpack. She is very shy, but incredibly skilled with technology and computers. Early into the game, you need to rescue her from a duo of troublemakers from Team Star. Despite her unassuming nature, Penny holds a big secret that you will eventually discover as the story advances.

Prior events have forced her into action, and your role in the story is critical towards helping her achieve her goal. Penny is a great example of how the story of Scarlet and Violet subverts traditional Pokemon tropes.

4/8 Jacq

Jacq is your friendly biology homeroom teacher at the Academy. He is a brilliant researcher, and the creator of the Pokedex app that’s used in Rotom Phones. He was first introduced in Pokemon Go, and makes his first mainline appearance in Scarlet and Violet.

Most notably, Jacq is responsible for naming the chest form of Gimmighoul, a tiny Pokemon that you will frequently find lurking all over the map hoarding their precious coins. Jacq can later be battled in a post-game tournament, and you’ll see first-hand why he is a teacher at the academy.

3/8 Professor Sada/Turo

Depending on the game version that you chose, the Pokemon professor of your game will either be Turo or Sada. Unlike past Pokemon professors, they are a lot more mysterious and don’t have many early interactions with you. They will initially reach out to you through a video call, and help explain details regarding the legendary Pokemon that decides to accompany you.

The professors have a surprising relationship with another character in the story, and you will eventually discover the full nature of their research in Area Zero.

2/8 Geeta

Geeta is the sleek suit-wearing chairwoman of the Paldean Pokemon League. You meet her early on in the Academy, where she expresses her hopes of eventually seeing you again in the League. Geeta is the highest-ranked Champion trainer in Paldea, and likely to be one of the toughest trainers you will face. Her dark-clothed aesthetic is similar to the Sinnoh region Champion Cynthia, and her battle theme is great.

A fun fact is that Geeta is the only trainer in the whole series to have the class of Top Champion in any of the games. This is likely due to the shift of the Champion rank towards an elite group rather than a single individual.

1/8 Iono

Iono is the Electric-type Gym Leader and an avid streamer. She is found in the coastal city of Levincia, and also works as a popular Paldean influencer. Iono has an outgoing personality, and is always streaming her battles as a Gym Leader. She has her very own live stream channel called “Iono Zone,” and always battles with viewership numbers in mind.

Iono’s personality shines through compared to most of the other Gym Leaders. While they are all unique, Iono’s memorable character and stylish design leave a lasting impression. Her Gym Challenge has you taking part in her live stream, and her direct involvement as you progress through the challenge makes it stand apart from the previous ones.

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