Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Confirms New Trailer Coming Tomorrow Morning

There’s a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet coming tomorrow. That’s the news from the official Pokemon Twitter channel, which confirmed the next trailer will arrive tomorrow at 6 AM PT (9 AM ET).

We don’t know what this trailer will be about or how long it will last, but The Pokemon Company did warn us we "won’t want to miss this." Be sure to set your alarms for those of you living on the West Coast, and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is expected to be the biggest Pokemon release the world has ever seen, according to preliminary sales data at one of Japan's leading retailers. Pre-orders at COMB in Niigata prefecture have already surpassed 1,200 units, beating all other Pokemon games for the current Nintendo hardware generation. In fact, that number already beats the actual sales figures of any Pokemon game for the Switch. If this trend holds, Scarlet & Violet will be the most popular Pokemon release ever.

There are already plenty of reasons to be excited for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and we got yet another reason just last weekend. Gimmighoul is a brand-new Pokemon coming in Scarlet & Violet. It's a little bug that lives in a chest, but rather than being a Bug-type, it's actually a Ghost-type Pokemon. It has two forms: Roaming and Chest, and you can see one of these forms already in Pokemon Go.

It doesn't look like Pokemon will stop at the Nintendo Switch. A recent job ad for an affiliate studio for The Pokemon Company noted that a 3D character modeler will do research and development for Nintendo's "next-generation hardware." No other information was provided about that hardware, but the ad also listed Unity and Unreal engines as useful knowledge for potential candidates. Rumors about a Switch Pro on the way have never panned out, but maybe this is the first real sign that a better Switch is on the way.

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