Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fuecoco Evolution Leaks

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's launch is a little more than a week away, so it stands to reason that social media is rife with leaks. While most can't be verified, images of what appear to be Fuecoco's first evolved form seem to be pretty legitimate, even if they haven't been confirmed by Pokemon or Game Freak.

Needless to say, if you plan on picking Fuecoco when you start your Paldean Pokemon journey and you would like its evolved forms to surprise you in the moment, you might want to stop reading now. Shared on Twitter, the crude screenshots appear to have originated from someone playing the game early in a Spanish-speaking country. A detail in keeping with all of the other Scarlet & Violet leaks this week.

If the screenshots are real and accurate, then the unrevealed evolved form of Fuecoco will be called Crocalor. Some Spanish text in the first screenshot reveals as much right after Fuecoco has evolved. As for what it looks like, the new Pokemon appears to be little more than a bigger Fuecoco wearing a sombrero made of fire. Not a big difference, but that probably means Crocalor will change drastically when it evolves into Fuecoco's final form.

Despite that potential eventuality, Pokemon fans who have had a look at Crocalor don't appear to be that impressed. The general consensus seems to be that Fuecoco is the least popular of Scarlet & Violet's starters, and the leaked images of its evolved form haven't helped that. Fire starters are usually pretty popular, but it seems likely Fuecoco will rank lower than Quaxley and Sprigatito once trainers begin to make their selections on November 18.

There's an outside chance Crocalor gets an official reveal less than an hour from typing this when Pokemon debuts what will likely be the final Scarlet & Violet trailer. Evolved forms of starter Pokemon are rarely shown off before the games actually launch though, so an official first look seems unlikely.

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