Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Has A Secret Backup Feature You Can Use When Your Game Crashes

The launch of a new Pokemon game, especially in the mainline series, is supposed to be a joyous time. We have a whole new region to explore, a new generation of 'mons to catch, and of course, debate about which starter is the best. However, it seems all is not well in Paldea. It appears that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has launched with a plethora of bugs and performance issues that ruin the enjoyment of the game.

Among the many issues players have been facing is losing progress when and if the game crashes. This is especially annoying in a Pokemon game, given that exploration and battles take up so much time, and there are many random factors at play. However, while Game Freak works on fixing these issues, there may be a temporary fix to make sure you don't lose too much progress.

It appears that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has a secret backup feature hidden in the game. This feature backs up your progress regardless of manually saving, and even if you turn autosave off. As pointed out by GameXplain on Twitter, the secret feature can be accessed by pressing X + B + Up (D-pad) on your controller (thanks NintendoLife). You'll be taken to a new screen, where a menu will show you the latest backup file along with a few other key details. Just select the "Start from backup data" option, and the game will load it up.

While this secret feature may not take you back to the exact moment your game crashed, it's a hell of a lot better than replaying five hours worth of lost progress in case of a crash. Hopefully, this feature will provide players with temporary relief from at least one of the many problems with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

All these issues means the game isn't getting a great reception. Over on Metacritic, Scarlet & Violet ranks at 77, which is just one point above the lowest ranked mainline Pokemon entry, Emerald. But it's not just because the game is bad, but evidently broken. Many fans have also demanded that Nintendo start issuing refunds, as the game is far from playable.

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