Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Lets You Spin Your Trainer Infinitely

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been a lot of things to a lot of people. It's been one of the fastest selling and biggest selling Pokemon titles ever but also it's been one of the most divisive.

Players have been review bombing the games, complaining on forums and social media about performance issues and bugs, while many others defend Scarlet & Violet as they're enjoying the games. But there are always some aspects of the Pokemon games that spark joy and one of them has been highlighted on social media.

Arlo shared on his Twitter account a quirk to the latest Pokemon games that has been providing much mirth to the YouTuber, which you can see below:

Just look at how fast the trainer spins! They are spinning like how those ice skaters spin when they suddenly seem like a spinning top, rotating at ridiculous speeds. This spinning thing is easy to do as well. To be able to spin this fast in real life might not be as straightforward and you might get more attention than this trainer does from the NPCs, but on the Nintendo Switch it is simple.

To pull off the spin players only need to run in a small circle, twirling the analogue stick faster and faster to make their character spin round, right round. Of course some will be disappointed that you don't get the pose that's struck after the spin which was present in previous titles. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, for example, you could do Leon's Charizard pose by spinning your character who would strike the signature pose after spinning for a few seconds.

Your trainer doesn't strike this pose in Scarlet & Violet but you can spin them as fast as you possibly can and as Arlo says there seems to be no upper limit to the speed of the spin. I'm sure we'll see some dizzying spin speeds making the rounds online, just mind your thumbs.

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