Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Discovers Easy Way To Evolve Pawmo And Bramblin

Pokemon has introduced several weird and wonderful methods of evolution every time a new game comes out. Scarlet & Violet is no exception either, as one evolution method shared by a number of new Pokemon requires them to walk 1,000 steps using the game's new Let's Go feature. Players can send out their Pokemon to Auto-Battle and walk alongside them, which has to be done if you want to evolve 'mons such as Pawmo, Bramblin, and Rellor.

Walking up and down the same route again and again until a Pokemon evolves tends not to be something most players like doing though, especially when sometimes your partner Pokemon decides it's a bit tired and flees back into its Pokeball. Thankfully, one player has discovered a much easier way for these Pokemon to get their 1,000 steps in, and all it involves is letting them believe they've been abandoned forever.

First discovered by Soltawashi on Twitter (thanks NintendoLife), they share their method of getting Pawmo to evolve, and it doesn't require them to move an inch. Soltawashi releases Pawmo and then quickly jumps onto to back of Koraidon. They then jump onto a small building and then onto the top of a nearby Pokemon Center in Cortondo. They then dismount and look over the edge of the roof to see Pawmo desperately running in circles trying to reach them, racking up those steps faster than simply walking down the street ever could.

Soltawashi doesn't show if the method works with other Pokemon, but since I have a Bramblin myself I can confirm it does work for that particular Pokemon as well. It's also worth noting that to make the jump onto the top of the Pokemon Center, you'll need the High Jump ability for Koraidon/Miraidon that you obtain from the Herba Mystica after defeating the Lurking Steel Titan Pokemon. All you have to weigh up is whether the evolution is worth the emotional damage this probably deals to one of your team members.

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